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Alder Lemmer’s Blog

Reminder for tomorrow's neighborhood meeting and other updates

June 12, 2018 10:44 PM

Hi Neighbors,

Reminder that tomorrow evening we are meeting at Door Creek Church to discuss a proposed land use for part of the parcel at the corner of Sprecher and Cottage Grove Roads. We are meeting from 6pm-8pm. If you live in the neighborhood you received a postcard about this meeting but I wanted to remind you and extend the invitation to others in the area as well.

I've heard a couple of questions from folks via email and voicemail and I wanted to give those voice ahead of our meeting.

1 - The apartment building is proposed for part of this parcel. It would leave the space directly on the corner of Sprecher and Cottage Grove open for other uses. I understand that folks would prefer commercial uses directly on the corner and I certainly hear you.

2 - When we scheduled the meeting it looked like the developer, Hovde, would also be able to tell us about future plans for another site, on Milwaukee Street east of its intersection with Sprecher Road. Hovde is still considering options and will not be presenting on that parcel tomorrow evening.

I look forward to seeing you there


In other early summer news, Art Cart is out and about at Madison Parks. Art Cart is a wonderful program of fun and doable art projects taught in local parks. This drop in program has been around for years, since before the idea of 'pop ups' was cool. in fact, I once did an art cart project way back in the day; it involved turning a tennis ball can into a pencil can with masking tape and paint. Come to think of it, it's probably still around my parents' house somewhere.

I can think of almost no better combination than our beautiful east side parks and a fun art project. Check out the schedule here and see you soon!


Finally, a word about mosquitos. You're not imagining it-they are worse than usual this year. Ugh! Apparently the wet May led to better egg hatching conditions for the little jerks. Be sure to keep you and your family safe from bites and any viruses they are carrying with them through skin repellants and citronella.

As much as they annoy us, I want to caution against using harsh chemicals on your yard to kill and discourage mosquitos. Insecticides and pesticides kill mosquitos, but can and frequently do also kill insects that we need, such as pollinators. As we know, we are facing a pollinator shortage in the United States. In fact, one species of bumble bee is now officially listed as an Endangered Species.

Not only should we protect endangered species, we specifically need pollinators to grow crops for human and livestock consumption. Please join me in 'swatting not spraying' this summer.


Thank you for staying engaged. If I don't see you tomorrow evening, I hope to see you out and about soon


Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3


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