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Flooding Updates and Info for What's Next

August 23, 2018 11:15 PM

Hi Neighbors,

I have flooding updates for you, and resources for what's next for our water tabl

I was down on E. Main Street today hauling sandbags and the buzz on the near east side focused on the 'what ifs' with respect to water levels in light of predicted rain in the next several days.

I want to run through a these and empower you with all the information I can.

We have 3 possibilities for issues due to rising water levels-

Sewer System

Lake/watershed Breach

Dam/Lock Failure

The last two would cause massive amounts of water to move quickly around the east isthmus and I want to be clear, are quite unlikely. Our dam at Tenney Park was recently upgraded, and it's functioning as it should be. We are letting water from Mendota move at a reasonable clip down the Yahara and into Monona so that it can drain further south into Kegonsa and the wetlands in that area.

We could potentially see our storm sewer systems overwhelmed, and that simply has to do with how much rain we get in the next several days. The system can only hold so much. In the event this system is overwhelmed we can see water come up into basements. This is quite unlikely in District 3, but I don't want to jinx anything. It's never a bad idea to be prepared so just in case, and especially folks in Rolling Meadows who are at a slightly lower elevation, consider the following tips:

  • Move valuable items off the floor of your basement/lower level, including-
    • boxes of photo albums and baby books
    • files containing important documents such as birth certificates and marriage licenses
    • electronics and any equipment which could short out and cause a hazard
    • * "But Amanda, I can't lift all this stuff onto tables or bring it upstairs." Text me, I'll come help. You know me, I lift heavy stuff. 608.535.2584
  • Remove debris and leaves from storm gutters
  • Have a supply of medication and supplies (including for your pets) for at least a 3 day period in case the water levels get really out of control and you temporarily become the proud owner of your own small island

For more tips check out the city webpage here

To check out updates on road, bike path, and Madison Metro route closures, as well as parking emergency information, click here

These pages will be continually updated

Above all, let's hang together. We are much less likely to be impacted in our area; let's be helping hands to our neighbors just over Highway 51 who may be impacted. Check in frequently with friends and relatives on the Isthmus, provide couches and spare bedrooms for those who may wish to leave the isthmus area as a precaution, and as soon as water levels get back to normal, shop at isthmus businesses.  

Please reach out if I may be of assistance to your family, email or text message is the best way to reach me.

Fingers crossed that the rain stays away, but Madison will figure it all out regardless


Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3


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