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Flooding Updates for Saturday

August 25, 2018 11:16 AM

Good morning District 3

I have flood updates for you

According to City Engineering, yesterday's light rain means that Lake Monona only went up 2" with the dam being open, instead of the potential 3-4". Today is also supposed to be mainly dry. All this is giving the water table time to adjust. From Monona, the water travels south to Kegonsa and into the wetlands near there. Rain is predicted tomorrow through next Wednesday, however, and we'll need to see how much falls and how fast our lake system can even out. The City has done the math and is cautiously optimistic.

Areas of the isthmus are below the Yahara water line and there is flooding on several streets. This means that any significant rain in the coming days may result in urban flash flooding as the storm sewer system is simply full.

What this means: there is a need for sandbagging for immediate water level issues around Lake Monona, especially Brittingham Bay (where the National Guard is currently helping), and for precautionary bags along both lakes and the isthmus.

Calling all volunteers

The City has put together a map and list of places where folks can pick up bags; if you need bags or want to grab a few to put around your door or the door to your business just in case, you are welcome to grab them from any of these places. If you have a moment and are physically able, please scoop and tie some bags to replace what you take.

If you aren't worried about flooding at your place but you have some spare time now that it's the weekend, please consider coming down for an hour or two and helping scoop, tie, and haul sandbags for the community.

After 2 afternoons of sandbagging I don't think I will ever get all the sand off me haha, but it's a good workout and it's worth it.  One thing I've noticed while pitching in are that some folks need the sandbags but have a tough time slinging them into their vehicles, and may have a rough time physically moving them once they get home. So folks willing to lift things and even ride to a neighbor's place and physically place the sandbags has been extremely helpful. The bags are maybe 35-50lbs.

You can head to a site on the map linked above and you can sign up here to volunteer and you'll be reached via email and directed where you're needed most

Also, if you're traveling around Madison, be sure to check the updated list of road closures, found here

Finally, parking is an issue on the isthmus. It would be easiest to avoid driving and parking in the area and for that reason Madison Metro fixed route and paratransit trips are free this weekend, read more about it here

I'm headed down to Brittingham in a few minutes and hope to see you there. We're tough gritty east siders (seriously gritty with all this sand), and I know we're ready to lend a hand.

thanks all,

Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3

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