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Call for Volunteers to help with sandbagging

August 26, 2018 8:57 AM

Good morning neighbors,

Volunteers are needed to help fill, tie, and haul sandbags to guard against flooding caused by storm sewers backing up into streets and the flash flooding that we'll see should we have a significant rain event in the next couple of days.

If filling and hauling 40-60lb bags doesn't work for you physically, bring a chair and have a seat and help tie bags (that's what I've been doing when I get really tired, it's a nice lower-impact task). If none of this works for you, stop by a sandbag station with some baked goodies or a case of caffeinated drinks for the volunteers.

City staff from departments are being called in (including a crew who worked the midnight-8am shift, shout out to them), other department staff are volunteering their weekend, and the national guard are here, and we could use more hands.

The most immediate need this morning is the north side of the Yahara River, East Main St to Willy St. You'll want to park at the corner of 1st St and East Main and walk from there as much of East Main just west of there is closed.

To sign up to be notified of the most immediate volunteer location needs as they arise, click here

Important: If you or someone you know needs help getting sandbags into place or anything else flood-related, please request help via the city website here

The potentially impacted area for flooding was expanded yesterday. Of course it doesn't come close to District 3 but if you have friends or relatives in the isthmus area, be sure to share all the info that you can with them. Please include that the sandbags are there for the taking. I saw a number of folks yesterday being what I've heard called 'Wisconsin Nice,' where they thought someone else might need the bags more and they didn't want to take all the bags they probably needed. I appreciate and applaud the sense of community and decency, but there will always be more sandbags. If you or someone you know needs them, please come get them. If you need help getting them in your vehicle, volunteers at the sandbagging sites will help you; if you need help getting them out of your vehicle and into place at your house, text me.

Thank you all for being great neighbors and keep hanging together

Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3


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