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Looking ahead to tomorrow's commute with respect to isthmus flooding

August 26, 2018 9:03 PM

Good evening neighbors

It was another great day with tons of work from awesome volunteers and city staff and the national guard. As of this morning we had together produced 160,000 sandbags. What a community we have! I recevied texts from folks right here in District 3 who went down and pitched in-including one couple who celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary hauling sandbags-Wow! I know I say this a lot, but I'm so proud of this community.

This afternoon's rain was reasonably brief and didn't move the needle much-whew. It is supposed to rain again tomorrow in the evening. I want to stress that we not let our guard down just because we had a weekend full of sun. The storm sewers on the isthmus and surrounding Lake Monona are full, full, full. Any significant rain, even one half to one inch could cause urban flash flooding.

Looking ahead to tomorrow in terms of logistics and precautions:

Parking Recommendations

·       Do not park on streets in low-lying areas or the lower level of parking garages located in low-lying areas. Move your vehicles now!

·       Do not drive in rain when flash flooding is predicted.

·       Free parking is still available in public parking garages from 9 PM-7AM.

Reduce Traffic Congestion--Use Madison Metro!

Free bus fares will continue through Monday. Customers should monitor for detours and any other changes in service as conditions change.

Those who are able to work from home or telecommute are still encouraged to do so. If you must drive to work, try to do so outside of peak traffic hours, which are typically 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM.

Whether driving or on foot, do not enter standing water. The ground underneath it is unreliable. This seems counterintuitive to us because we think of ashpahlt and concrete as very solid, but it's true. Plus, the water may be electrified due to downed power lines. Do not let your dog drinks from it or children play in it, there could be e.coli contamination. It looks like a really big fun puddle but it can be quite dangerous, unfortunately. 

Let's have another great day of adapting and figuring things out Madison-style

take care

Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3




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