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Flooding, Rodefeld, Ace Apartment, and IRONMAN!

September 4, 2018 7:55 PM

Hi Neighbors

I hope you had a great holiday weekend and for those of you with kids, a great first day back at school. I have a number of updates for you this evening.


We continue to struggle with flooding issues on the isthmus. You can find the latest list of road closures and more info here. If it could not rain for like a week, week and a half, that would help a lot. But we cannot control that, we can just hold together, listen to the experts, and be adaptable.

Thank you to everyone who stepped up to volunteer or who reached out to make sure friends and family on the isthmus and in Monona and Middleton were alright.



Recall that a couple of months ago we had a neighborhood meeting about an apartment complex at the Rodefeld site, near the corner of Sprecher and Cottage Grove Roads. A little while after that, the landowner, Hovde, decided to press pause on the development.

Now that the city process for the comprehensive plan (called Imagine Madison) is complete, Hovde is looking to refresh their plans for the space. They've taken steps to get soil samples and get a stronger sense of the land, rock, and groundwater on the plot so they can put together a more detailed proposal to the city. You may have seen trucks out and about on the site.

The current thinking, and this is preliminary, is space for 2 commercial uses, such as a convenience store and a bank, right on the corner, situated to address Cottage Grove Road, and a few story apartment building set back from there, with that parcel running more or less parallel to Sprecher Road. 

Each of these projects needs to pass land use and zoning approvals, and we will have more neighborhood meetings to consider these proposals. As you know, this is a multi-month process. Watch for more update and meetings in the coming months.

Ace Apartments

The affordable housing project has updates as well. First, it now has a name-Ace Apartment. Movin Out has also prepared building designs for their proposed building. Take a look at the design below:

4 story apartment building and 6 townhomes


We have a few meeting dates solidified for this process, and we'll get more dates on the calendar soon. Our next neighborhood meeting on this project is Monday, September 17th at 630pm. This meeting is at Kennedy Elementary in the library, so that we can meet on the same floor as the building entrance. I know the elevator wasn't well-marked at our last meeting and that accessibility was an issue. For this meeting, I wanted to eliminate that issue, so we went with Kennedy.

Recall that this development will need to pass the Urban Design Commission. The UDC considers design and architecture, and considers whether the building design fits with the current and future vision for the area. The UDC is comprised of local architects and designers, including a landscape architect, and one alder. For this council session, I am the alder who sits on UDC.

This UDC approval process usually takes 2, sometimes more UDC meetings to complete. First, the proposer will bring the design to the UDC for an informational presentation, to collect first impressions and thoughts on the design. The committee makes no official moves on the proposal at this time, just gives feedback. The proposer then will make the recommended changes/updates, and come back to another UDC meeting at a later date. At that time, they may gain approval, or they may need to make more changes and come back for another meeting to gain approval.

The very first part of this, the informal informational presentation to the UDC is at tomorrow's UDC meeting. That meeting begins at 430pm downtown at the City County Building, in Room 351. I welcome you to come and learn more about the designs, but we will also get the same design info at our neighborhood meeting on the 17th. I don't want to take up too much of your time but I want to welcome and encourage participation, so I'm balancing :)

One more quick thing, I want to take a second to correct my mistake on a previous post. I wrote the city council would approve this project specifically. Rather, the council will approve city staff's recommendation on which proposed affordable housing proposals city-wide that the city backs. So you will be welcome to come advocate whether this proposal should be part of that package at the council, if city staff select it. Small enough difference, but wanted to point it out so that those of you who are advocating have the complete picture of the process.


We have something big to celebrate in District 3! Our dear neighbor, Peggy Hoffman of the Rolling Meadows Neighborhood, is going for her first Ironman this Sunday! Woohoo! We are so excited for her and proud of all her work over the past 2 years leading up to this point. Peggy's race number is 566 and you will be able to track her progress through Sunday's race here

Please join me in wishing her all the luck this Sunday! District 3 is right behind you, Peggy!

Also, as you probably know, the lead up to Ironman is a mini-festival here in Madison. Don't forget to make time to come down to the Monona Terrace Thursday-Saturday to sample energy bars and and electrolyte drinks, learn more about fitness and functional movement, and soak up the awesome positive energy surrounding this race.

On Sunday, join me in coming out to cheer on the athletes at any part on the course. Ironman Wisconsin is known on the Ironman circuit for its great cheering presence so warm up your voice and come on out! Race course map here

Thank you all for your continued engagement in our community

Be well,

Amanda Hall

Alder District 3


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