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District 3 Alder Seat to be Open, and Neighborhood Updates

December 21, 2018 11:23 AM

Hi Neighbors,

Wouldn't the world be a slightly nicer and more functional place if a politician could recognize a natural ending point to their service and move on, without a lot of ego-driven fussing and campaigning and headline-hogging?

It would.

So, I'm going to do that.

My husband and I are looking to purchase a home, and it's hard to find a home in our price range in this geographical area. I'm ready for what's next in my career, including a position which could include long hours not conducive to council service. And, a good handful of our neighbors whom I respect have stepped up to serve. So, while it has been my distinct privilege, my service to this district appears to be at a natural end.

While we can agree this seems logical, I'm sure it's also a bit a of a surprise. In today's climate, leaders don't simply step aside and move on when it's time. I mean, we all remember Brett Favre. And our mayor is Paul
Soglin. So this is unusual.

But I'm going to set a different example. My ego belongs in the weightroom, and cannot enter into a discussion of a seat which belongs to the people of the east side. I encourage you to expect that more frequently from our leaders.

While it has been an honor and an experience, I won't be running for District 3 Alder in the spring elections. If you would like to run, click here to learn more about how to collect your 20 nomination signatures to be
placed on the ballot.

Now enough about me, we have a lot of news for the district.

As you know, the Pinney Library is currently transitioning to its new/temporary space in the old Ace Hardware Building. It will live here for about a year until the new space is constructed and ready. Pinney will be open
in the old Ace building in January. Join me in welcoming them and celebrating their re-opening in the new year.

Our Streets and Recycling Division has been in touch with tips as we move into the holiday next week and I want to share them here:

Additionally, please make sure to close the lids of your recycling cans. Leaving the lids off makes them more likely to blow around on windy days and when the winch lifts the can into the air to dump its contents into the truck, the lid being open can cause the items in the bin to blow out onto the street.

We had a great meeting about a proposed mixed use (commercial and residential) development at the northwest corner of Milwaukee Street and Sprecher Road. Overall, neighbors seem to support the project so long as there is a plan to address the additional traffic volume in the area. We will also need to work with the architect on some design elements and the color palette.

The Ace Apartments project received city Real Estate and Planning staff funding support, which is one hurdle, and now it moves on in its application for state tax credits. The developer for this project, Movin' Out, Inc., is re-tooling some parts of the design and hasn't made its full application to the city planning process just yet. Note that if you wish to register your thoughts, there is still absolutely time to do so.

Moving over to the Rodefeld site, the landowners successfully updated the zoning from agricultural to commercial and residential. Now each prospective developer will work to bring proposals through the city process, so look for proposals to be coming forward soon although there is nothing immediate happening.

I have a meeting on my lunch hour today with city Traffic Engineering about street lighting possibilities in the Heritage Heights and Rolling Meadows neighborhoods. While nobody wants a bright light right in front of their window and light pollution is a factor, we can agree that the area is too dark to see where you're putting your feet if you're walking after sundown. So, fittingly, on the winter solstice, we're going to see what we can do about that.

Thank you all and if I don't get a chance to write before then, Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and happy hopefully few days off from work regardless.


Amanda Hall
Alder, District 3

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