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Reminder: Neighborhood Meeting Next Thursday, Jan. 12 at 7 pm, Messiah Lutheran Church

January 4, 2012 9:35 PM

City staff, the development team, Alder Jill Johnson and I are getting ready for this first-of-2012 eastside neighborhood meetings and have outlined the rough draft today. The meeting is designed to update loyal followers and introduce newcomers to this project and the process it is undergoing. The meeting iwill also give you a solid background and a chance to share your thoughts through a Q & A.

Welcome and Overview: Steven Cover, Director of the Division of Planning and Community and Economic Development

Overview of the process: Michael Waidelich, City of Madison Senior Planner, who helped develop the Grandview Neighborhood Plan and is managing the Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Latest Details Presentation: Development Team

This portion should last about 30 to 40  minutes.

Q & A 'til 9 pm

In order to capture everyone's questions and comments and use time most efficiently, when you come in we will have a welcome table where you can sign in and pick up as many 3 x 5 cards as you think you'll need for questions or comments. (For ease of sorting, we're asking for one question or comment per card.) As questions come to you, write them down and we will periodically collect them and quickly sort them by topic area to hand off to Brad Murphy, City of Madison Director of Planning, who will read them out loud and field answers.

Comment cards will be collected for use in the city review process.

We will have to wrap by 9 pm since the room reservation expires at that time.

We will have handouts with all the upcoming meetings where this proposal will be reviewed, discussed and voted on. Please post the list so you can attend these meetings, as the next ones: Urban Design Commission, Plan Commission and Common Council, are the most important junctures.

If you'd like to do a little homework over the weekend, please visit the City's website for the proposal at:

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