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Welcome to the 2012 District 3 Mail List/Blog/Website

January 6, 2012 9:57 PM

One of the most challenging things about being an elected official is trying to communicate enough of the right stuff to residents to help keep everybody aware of everything - everything they care about, that is! Bet you're glad you have a delete button somedays . . .

Nonetheless, the City's IT Department has been encouraging and helpful in providing tools to communicate with residents. Some of you may already be subscribed to various "automated" updates the city sends out - a Parks newsletter, the East District Police newsletter, the snowplow updates, etc. Now, you have alder updates that come from the new Alder Web sites complete with a blog.

Starting today, I'll be posting regular updates there, rather than by e-mail. You will receive a notification with a brief summary of each post, along with a link to the full blog post, so you can easily decide if the topic interests you enough to click through. Each post will be archived and tagged, so it's easy to find.

I have taken all the names on my Sounding Board, Grandview Town Center, various project lists and neighborhood association lists and transferred them to this list. It's now a list participation that you can manage. You can encourage your friends to sign up directly, you can change or add an e-mail address or even get off if you move or just get fed up! You no longer have to count on my PC-compromised skills! to manage your address.

You, of course, can still e-mail me at and I will respond individually to you, or if you think the topic and my response would be interesting to everyone on the list, let me now and I will put it on this blog or post it on the Website.

This is not my Dear Diary; I will concentrate on content that affects this district, or even city-wide content that affects all of us. Please offer suggestions for things you'd like to see on the Website - we have an empty Q & A tab, for example.

In each e-mail you'll also find opt-out link, in case you've moved away, or perhaps have simply had enough of me.

You can access and maybe even bookmark the blog here:

Welcome to the 21st Century City

Alder Lauren Cnare




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