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CONFIRMED: Revised Schedule for Public Hearings

February 17, 2012 3:25 PM

Dear all:

Big projects often take a winding road through the hills and dales in their approval process because of the numerous changes along the way, the importance of communicating with neighbors and allowing sufficient time to absorb elements of the project, including the changes.

This project proposal is in the downhill run of its process with Urban Design Commission's initial approval earned last Wednesday, It is on the agenda for Plan Commission Monday, Feb. 20. 

To spread the word about the changes requested as part of Urban Design Commission's approval, and have the development team change drawings and text to reflect them, I will be requesting a referral to the March 5 Plan Commission. That puts the following meeting for Urban Design's Final Approval decision on March 7, and the final decision on the Common Council agenda March 20. Please note - any of these committees could make a motion to refer (move to another meeting at a later date) for a decision on their own, thus adjusting the schedule. 

A referral Monday means the project will not be presented or discussed. You are welcome to attend the meeting but the item will not be taken up.

Here's the agenda, which has links to all the attending documents:

What happened at Urban Design Commission?

First - the room was filled with interested citizens and both sides presented their viewpoints. Thanks to everyone who took the time from work and personal life to attend. This full and equal representation is critical to giving Commissioners and alders a full perspective. Now, please keep up your energy and passion for the next meetings!

Second- the proposal received initial approval, the first of two steps, the second being final approval. As you might guess, this commission is charged with evaluating and recommending changes to projects to increase the urban look, feel and function. It includes building style, type, architecture, as well as site layout. It's a specific talent and charge, and Madison uses it so that we can continue to grow in a responsible and beautiful way.

The key commission request was to incorporate the previously approved plan's density for both commercial/retail and residential space. Well-planned and designed density is a hallmark of urban design. I think this request was principally made in response to the fact that while the actual site has grown from 10.5 to 16 acres, the new proposal's  commercial/retail numbers went from 135,000 (original approved plan) down to 126,000 and the residential units went from  197 (approved plan) to 110 - 130. There was no request to change parking to more spaces. The Commission also wants to see concept plans revised to note better where the commercial (office), retail and residential parts will be in each building, and more detail on what each building may "look" like with regard to height.

The development team, in the interim, should be working on new text and drawings to answer these requests.

Please think about these changes and if you have questions, you are welcome to contact city staff, me or the development team to discuss. Also, spread the word to anyone you know is interested, since we don't know who is subscribed to this list.

Thank you again for turning out; the dress rehearsal is over, it's the real show from this point onward!


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