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Proposal Gains Successful Referral to March 5 Plan Commission

February 20, 2012 8:15 PM

Tonight, as I requested, the Plan Commission referred this project to the March 5, 2012, meeting which will start at 5:30 in the City-County Building.

Please help put people on notice of this event, and if you run into anyone who has received a postcard urging them to call me and share their opposition (it seems to be folks who live near the Rolling Meadows Mall) please give them my correct phone number - 235-9179. Apparently, the card has a mixed up digit or something, and has caused a fair amount of frustration for the couple people who've finally gotten the right number. I'm happy to talk to them, but they're in a pretty upset mood by the time we connect!

In the interim, take an hour or so and review the documents associated with the Plan Commission agenda from tonight, and be prepared to look at updated attachments by Friday, March 2, that reflect Urban Design Commission's initial approval recommendations.

If you have trouble finding facts, please call or e-mail and I can point you to things on the city's Web site.

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