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PC Process Update

March 4, 2012 2:24 PM

Dear all:

There's been lots of e-mail traffic over the weekend about the best way to assure everyone is heard Monday night and that it all makes sense from a presentation standpoint to support the Plan Commissioners in their decision-making. The Chair of the Plan Commission is highly experienced with issues of this import and has been working with Planning Division staff to recommend the procedure below as of today.

Please note that I supplied you with wrong information regarding the time limit for speaking – it is 3 minutes at Plan Commission (5 at the Common Council for Public Hearing items) but the chair is recommending up to 4 minutes per speaker.

The timer will ring after 3 minutes, at which time you should conclude your remarks.  Please stop speaking when you hear the second bell and the next speaker will begin.

Additionally, because there may be newcomers to the discussion who would benefit from some stage setting for the topic, the Chair will offer the development team the opportunity to begin with 4-5 speakers to present the revised project. 

IF THE OPPOSITION GROUP WOULD LIKE, it may also coordinate speakers to present their position(s) for an equal amount of uninterrupted time. Just let the secretary know you have chosen this option.

Thereafter, we will alternate between individuals registered in support of the project with those registered in opposition. You will have 4 minutes apiece, too.

The chairs underscores that, "in the interest of time, if a previous speaker has already made particular points you were intending to make, we would all be grateful if you would please not repeat them. The Plan Commission does not make decisions based on how many people speak for and against an issue, so please do not speak just for the sake of increasing the number of voices advocating a particular point of view. Your position (for or against) will be noted in the written records of this meeting whether you speak or not."

All the other tips, from timing to parking, still apply.

See you Monday night.

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