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UDC Meeting Update

March 6, 2012 1:26 AM

Urban Design Commission Meeting – Wednesday March 7, 2012 at 4:30 pm
Item No. 8 (last!)

Again thank you, thank you for sharing your thoughts with the Plan Commission Monday night. The item PASSED on a vote of all minus 1..

The proposal is returning to Urban Design Commission for Final Approval on Wednesday. This meeting will be focused on assuring that the proposal has incorporated the recommendations from the Urban Design Commission into its plan.

Those recommendations were:
• The density of the retail shall at least remain at the 135,000 square feet as in the original town center; the applicant shall explore how the 58,000 square feet could be incorporated into the density.
• The applicant shall include at least as many dwelling units as were in the original town center.
• The applicant shall return with information on how those would be integrated into the development, and explore what the increase in heights should be in some of those mixed-use buildings.
• Identify on the Revised General Development Plan Map where the fifty residential units will be; as noted within the text.

If you want to attend the meeting, I'd like to suggest that you address your comments specifically to this matter – which is more density. Of course, you have the opportunity to speak to wider issues, but the Commission members will be discussing and voting on the achievement of this order.

The meeting will be held in the Madison Municipal Building in Room 260 (where we met last time.) You should register your support or opposition, and note whether you wish to speak or not, or be available to answer questions.

The meeting starts at 4:30 and I wish I could tell you what time to arrive, but there are just no guarantees with this Commission since it doesn't have the assured start time for public hearings.

Parking is available in the Government East Ramp; be careful of street parking since some parking lanes are closed to allow rush hour traffic out of town.

Remember that seating is limited and uncomfortable. (Consider your favorite folding camp chair as a companion for the night.)

Thank you again for your participation.

And, remember that the Common Council will address this issue on Tuesday, March 20. The agenda comes out late Thursday or early Friday before and I will send you the estimated timing and agenda item link.

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