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Kennedy Park Storm Water Bypass Construction Begins Next Week

July 25, 2012 12:48 PM

Dear Heritage Heights Neighbors:

For years the area has had issues with storm water management, and in the last couple years the City's Engineering Department has been active and creative in solving them, and presenting ideas for discussion with affected neighbors at two meetings in prior years.

Phase 1 - The reconstruction of the greenway behind Merryturn (Retana Greenway) - was completed over the winter, and while we've not really had enough water to test it, it's now time to start phase two of the project, which is to help get some of the stormwater from Kennedy Park and its "lake" more quickly into the storm sewer system to carry the water faster and further on its journey to the lakes.

One of the biggest benefits of this two-part project is better protection of our precious Heritage Heights Sanctuary which has been the victim of erosion and flooding due to storm water rushing through the area. 

The Kennedy Park Storm Bypass Project will start Mon, July 30, 2011, and last through the end of Aug. The project involves rerouting a storm pipe to the newly constructed Retana Greenway from the Heritage Sanctuary Greenway. No trees are planned to be removed as part of the project.

The construction will be quite visible and will require street work. Retana Dr & Coach House Dr will remain open to traffic, but parking may be restricted.

Neighbors in the area have received postcards, but you may all be curious about this effort. If you have questions or concerns during the project, please contact these folks from City Engineering:

Paul Lauby (520-2378 ) will be the Inspector. He will ensure that the City's standards for construction are met and help resolve any problems that may arise during construction.

John Fahrney (266-9091), Construction Engineer, is in charge of the construction inspection program for the City of Madison.

Contact Max Conway, Project Engineer, at 261-9127 with questions regarding the project.

Please use extra care in the vicinity of the construction, and do not allow your children to play in the construction area.

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