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Development Updates: New Zoning Code Map, Grandview Commons Town Center, and Far East Fire Station

August 20, 2012 7:43 AM

New City Zoning Code Takes Next Steps (Optional meeting)
For the last several years, the City's Planning Division and citizen committees have been working on re-designing the city's zoning code to better reflect the realities of a growing city and our values as a community. The text of the code, things like definitions, land and building uses, descriptions and rules of planning and building was adopted last March. The text needs companion maps, which identify the zoning category of actual places (like your house and mine). These are ready for the extensive public review starting with a Plan Commission public hearing Monday, Aug. 20 6 p.m. in Room 260 of the Madison Municipal Building at 215 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.


District 3, especially the new area east of I39/90, has no changes from current zoning because the area, relatively new, was planned to reflect current thinking in zoning, such as more integrated housing like apartment buildings woven in with single family homes, smaller lots and narrower streets.

The older part of the district from Hwy 51 east to the interstate will also see little change – a few lots still zoned agricultural will change to reflect residential zoning – but otherwise, with no redevelopment in the foreseeable future, and a stable environment, there was no need to re-think and reconfigure the area. Downtown, on the other hand, will see many changes, some quite dramatic.

The new map won't be static as there are routine requests for zoning changes, including from general development plans to specific implementation plans, and from temporary agricultural to something in keeping with a city use.

So, what does it all mean for you?
First, check your current zoning by entering your address to see what you are proposed to be: Then look up the new definition in the Zoning Code text at this link: Descriptions of what the letters mean start on Page 11.

To review allowable uses in each zoning category, check the tables in the next couple pages to see what is automatically allowable or as a conditional use with additional processes.

Here's a link to the proposed map:
And here's the existing map:

In addition to a public hearing on the zoning map, the public hearing will also include zoning text amendments that reflect changes that need to be added to the new code, including editorial changes, and a limited number of items that require further Plan Commission consideration.  The public hearing will also be held on the Downtown and Urban Zoning Districts, which provide zoning standards for Madison's Downtown area and reflect recommendations of the City's recently adopted Downtown Plan.

The public hearing will be followed by Plan Commission worksessions on August 30th, September 6th and September 27th at which the new zoning map, text amendments and Downtown and Urban District will be considered. Adoption of the zoning map, text amendments and Downtown and Urban Districts by the Common Council is expected to occur during the fall of 2012.

Fire Station #13 (Meeting to attend)
The design for the new far east side fire station, dubbed Station 13, is nearly complete and ready for presentation to neighbors before its stop for final design approval at the Urban Design Commission on Wednesday, Sept. 5.

Please join neighbors and the designers on Thursday, August 30, from 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. at the East District Police Station, 809 S. Thompson Drive, for a presentation, question and answer session, and feedback.

The station will be built on a lot under city ownership on Town Center Drive, which backs up to the south side of I94 in the neighborhood bounded by Milwaukee St., Sprecher Rd., and the interstate highway.

Please come and share your thoughts, and prepare to support its construction in upcoming city budgets. We've made great progress thus far with your support, and given the tough situation and decisions that the city budget faces this coming year, this may be one of those "line items" that gets pushed out to further years.

Grandview Commons Town Center: Schedule Update
Grandview Commons Town Center's development team continues to work on details for its submittal to the city for the Specific Implementation Plan. The team has revised its scheduled submittal date to September 5, instead of the originally planned August 15.

A new schedule will be shared with us when the submittal goes in – that's the official start of the process that will involve presentations, discussions, and public testimony at the Urban Design Committee, the Plan Commission and the Common Council. I'll share those dates, times, places and agenda, as well as any other meetings, as they are planned and published.

If you weren't able to attend the neighborhood meeting in July, here's the presentation:

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