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One step forward, two steps back on Grandview Commons Town Center

November 27, 2012 7:12 PM

First, thanks to all of you who came out tonight to the Common Council to share your thoughts on this project. At 5:15 pm, a letter was delivered to the City from a local law firm taking into question the unanimous decisions of the Urban Design Commission and the Plan Commission to approve the project. I received the letter from the development team by email about 5:40 pm, and then went to work on what to do next.

After the city staff reviewed the allegations and the legal roles of the Commissions, they recommended that the projects return to the Plan Commission for an explicit statement from the Plan Commission that the discussion and decision of the Urban Design Commission led to its judgement that the project met the intent and underlying spirit of the large format retail ordinance, and the Plan Commission concurred, essentially waiving any prescriptive design adherence to an ordinance.

The projects will return to the Plan Commission on Monday, Dec. 3, and then return to the Common Council on Tuesday, Dec. 11. You are welcome to c'mon back for your say, and it's clear that the passions are as high as ever. Let's hope that the only remaining surprises consist of gently falling snowflakes that lead us into a peaceful holiday season. And that they begin with enough notice to everyone to feel prepared and included!

Enjoy your evening - we're looking at a much shorter agenda here at the Council now.




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