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Run! (for office) and learn more Sunday, Dec. 9 at 2 pm at Pinney Library

December 3, 2012 5:53 PM

In keeping with a year of democracy, it's time to think about elections again. Aldermanic elections are key features of the Spring season, and we have several open seats in Madison, and maybe more to come.

I've spoken to many people over the last year about running for alder and have had some nibbles and a lot of questions. Alders Larry Palm (D15), Jill Johnson (D16) and I are holding a "Thinking of Running for Office" event next Sunday, December 9, at 2 pm, at the Pinney Library.

This is not a forum on how to run for office, but rather why to run for office, and a chance to learn from at least 3 (and there may be more) alders about what it's really like to hold office. We won't be taking names or chasing you through the parking lot afterward to commit, but if you've been intrigued by how decisions are made, what your neighbors think about the day-to-day and future-oriented issues of our great city, and if your skills and experiences would fit with representing your district, this is a great way to learn more.

Open seats, those where the incumbent is retiring, typically offer a chance for a vigorous debate about philosophies, spending, and Madison's future. These races often include 3 or more candidates giving us ample choice and opportunity to ask questions and hear ideas. It takes at least two candidates to offer you a choice, thus I will encourage and do everything I can ensure that there's a choice in D3. Other alders are doing the same.  

The City Clerk's Office has general resources on running for office proper.

If you choose to move forward and would like to talk further, please contact me for further insight.

And, send your friends!


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