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Parks Playtime

December 27, 2012 8:31 PM

The Heritage Heights Park volunteer-run ice-rink has a much better chance at survival this year and should be ready for play anytime now. Renee, a neighborhood leader in "the HH" says, "As you probably know, the success of the rink depends on the hard work of our neighborhood. The City Parks Division sets up the rink and will plow if it snows more than two inches - the rest is up to us. Which means, 95% of the time we will be out there on a nightly basis shoveling, scraping and watering. We need as much help as we can get! Please consider volunteering your time and effort. Here are some details regarding the rink and volunteering."


1) Nightly maintenance will begin at 8 pm on Mon, Weds, Fri, Sat and Sun nights
2) There will be a volunteer crew chief present at every shift to answer any questions and help out
3) Wearing skates while scraping and shoveling really helps the process go faster
4) A limited number of shovels and scrapers will be available, but it's helpful to bring one of your own
5) If it snows 2 inches or less, the more people the better! Shoveling just an inch of snow off the ice is a lot of work
6) If it snows 2 inches or more, the City will plow (ice rinks are the lowest priority) and we should stay off the ice
7) taking care of the rink is a lot of exercise! It's also a nice way to meet other folks in the neighborhood.

If you can help, please glide over to be part of this dedicated crew. I shovelled a shift the first year and it's a lot of fun - but it seemed like the rink was the size of Lake Mendota, and we needed every skater with a shovel to get it clear.

Winter Play Possibilities
If you ski, snowshoe, sled or want to ice skate elsewhere, bookmark the Parks Division Website or get on their update list to stay up-to-date on ski trail conditions, ice-rink hours, even sledding hill openings. D3 has its own groomed ski trail over at Door Creek Park, open now for our local skiing pleasure complete with woolly woods and challenging hills. And, nearby Monona Golf Course offers an easy place to learn or turn in a couple laps at a fast pace for exercise.

Parks is also offering rentals and lessons on all kinds of winter sports now.

Winter's here. It's gonna stay this time, so put down the shovel and enjoy a bit!


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