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New Grandview Designs and a Hearty Congratulations on some great and effective activism

October 29, 2015 7:53 PM

Hi Neighbors and Happy Halloween,

Here's what's up this week:

Hwy 51-You spoke, the DOT listened - Thanks to your grassroots organizing and individual action in reaching out to state DOT staff, our concerns have been well heard and some progress has been made. On the southbound 51 on-ramp from Cottage Grove Road there are now large yield signs with bright orange flags on them. It's hard to know exactly how effective those are because that ramp is currently closed. The southbound off and on ramps are now preceded by a marquee-style sign warning southbound drivers to watch for slowing and merging traffic. The speed limit in that area remains at 45 mph.

Great work organizing and acting. Madison is easily one of the most citizen-involved cities in the nation and it truly shows in situations like this. I am so proud to represent a district full of citizens who know how to get it done.

And to give credit where it is due, while we are not fans of the state DOT's planning and execution on this element of the project, they did listen to us and take action based on our concerns. As citizens and an alder, a state agency does not technically have to listen to us if we tell them that the sky blue, much less when we tell them they've done something unsatisfactorily. But they did listen, and I for one appreciate that very much.

[I've received multiple emails thanking me for closing the on ramp. To be perfectly transparent, I do not have the authority to do this and am unable to accept credit. It's tempting, because so many of you are so happy with this right now, but it wasn't me. I spoke with Channel 3 about it and was proud to add my voice to yours, but it was your organization and action, and a cooperative DOT, which got this done].


Grandview Town Center - Are you sick of hearing about this yet? Well buckle up, because we're still at full throttle as a district in terms of getting everyone's collaboration and finalizing details of the project. Please click here for the very latest designs from DSI.

I need for you each to kindly do 1 of 2 things with these designs.

1. If you are at all remotely able to attend the planning/collaboration next Monday Nov 2nd at Oak Park Place, please look closely at the designs and make notes about your thoughts. Bring them to the meeting and share them during general discussion or one of the many breakout sessions we are planning for the meeting.

2. If you are truly unable to attend the meeting (like if it's your birthday [although who wouldn't want to spend their birthday with us?? Only kidding, I won't take it personally.....very much]), please look closely at the designs and make notes about your thoughts. Send them to me so that I can give voice to them at the meeting.

---"But Amanda, I live in Heritage Heights. Why should I bother to come? Besides, shouldn't the neighbors closer to the development have more say than me?"---

Well, neighbor, the closer neighbors probably already do. But you live right in the area, and you'll likely be using the shops and services going into this development. To be frank, this development's shops won't survive if you don't shop there. So let's make sure the development is a place which will be a destination for you. To do that, we need your input. So please join us from all corners of the district for this meeting and help make this development proposal great.

By way of reminder, the meeting is 630pm-830pm Monday, November 2nd, at Oak Park Place (718 Jupiter Drive) in, appropriately, the Grandview Room.

Questions about accessibility to the meeting? Let me know so I can help.

I so look forward to seeing you all.


Coyotes - Last week Council president and alder to the south Denise DeMarb hosted a special public meeting about the east side's growing concerns about the coyotes. Word is, please please keep a close close eye on your pets. Several of our neighbors have already suffered the heartache of losing of furry family member to the east side's newest symbol of biodiversity, and my heart breaks for them.

Last week we heard from wildlife experts and learned about how trapping and/or re-locating coyotes can actually increase the coyote population in an area. It seems illogical, but wild animals don't bend to the logic of humans. If you didn't get a chance to read the link I sent you last week, here it is again. Take a look and keep your four legged friends safe.

This last section of this blog post is humbly submitted by both myself and my best friend, the First Dog of District 3, Alli. Alli, a grey keeshond dog of surpassing cuteness

As always, it a pleasure and privilege to serve you. Be well, have a sugary and safe Halloween, and see you soon

Cordially yours,

Amanda Hall
Alder, District 3

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