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deep thinking and commercial development updates

February 11, 2016 6:23 PM

Hi Neighbors,

Thank you for the immense positive response from my last blog post and thank you to everyone who read through it and gave it some thought. I am so grateful to be part of such a strong district and community who is willing to dig deep and think hard about who we are and how we need to grow. It is a tremendous privilege to serve you.

I wanted to update us a few other things going in the neighborhood.

Last week Thursday evening Police Chief Koval and Lt. Tim Peregoy addressed our neighborhood gathering and spoke about how, despite what appears to be an uptick in crime in our area, our area remains very safe. I recorded the presentation and will find a way to send out a link to the very big sound file very shortly.

In consultation with city planning staff, the urban design commission, and the plan commission, the plans for the Grandview Commons B Block passed the common council unanimously. I admit this felt almost anticlimactic after all the work our area did in meeting and discussing and providing input to the development team. In the end, all parties were in agreement and there wasn't much to debate.

In other development news, Kwik Trip is moving forward in their proposal for the old Sentry space. As you may know, the process for building on a site is extensive when it comes to working with the city. Our city staff is excellent and I am glad they take the time to look at each little piece of all proposals. Since KT will be tearing down the decrepit Sentry store, one of the many forms they had to file was a demolition permit. They missed filing this with the rest of the packet of forms when they first turned those in and that little fact was going to set the whole process back. An alder can waive the 30-day notice requirement on the form, so I went ahead and did that. My thinking is, we've all known for months and months that it was KT's plan to demolish the old Sentry building, (and we were all pretty pleased about that part). So we've all had actually much more than 30 days notice about the demolition element. I understand there was a question here so I hope this clears that up.

We hosted a meeting about this proposal back in December and now that we have all had time to think about it, I am thinking of holding another one to be sure we are still on the same page. Please reply back if this interests so I can gauge what will work for everyone. Currently the proposal will come before the urban design commission April 6th and the Plan Commission April 18th.

Thank you all for staying engaged in this process and this district.


Have a lovely Valentine's Day weekend and enjoy the warmer weather we've (fingers crossed) got coming early next week

Amanda M-M Hall

Alder, District 3

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