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Recap of Plan Commission Meeting and Info About a Residential Development Proposal

April 19, 2016 10:38 AM

Good morning District 3,

I hope you are all well this morning. Again, please stay alert as you move around the many fine businesses in our area this today as the suspect in yesterday evening's purse grabs has not been apprehended at this time.

For those of you did not watch the plan commission meeting on the city channel last night (a fair number of you did and I am continually wowed by the level of engagement in our neighborhood), the plan commission voted to place the Kwik Trip proposal on file without prejudice. This means that the proposal did not pass the commission's muster at this time, but that KT can do some significant structural re-design and try again with plan commission. I do not have word at this time whether KT will be attempting to do that. It would mean a tremendous design departure from any other store they have so it is probably fair to say that it is unlikely.

Thanks to each of you who came out, to those who spoke, and to those who stayed past 10pm to be part of the discussion. One of our neighbors was there despite it being his wife's birthday-now that's dedication. It's a tremendous sacrifice of time (and parking fees) to come downtown for these meetings, and we appreciate your dedication. 

As we move forward and keep our fingers crossed for a better and more meaningful proposal for that corner, I want to recap a couple of things with you all.

Firstly, any development proposal, and the neighborhood discussion around it, can either bring a neighborhood together or divide it-sometimes both. This proposal spurred discussion about getting a Cottage Grove Rd. corridor study underway, as well as building interest in and commitment to a neighborhood plan for Heritage Heights/Rolling Meadows. Neighbors re-connected with one another through meeting up at our neighborhood meetings. Folks who had not previously been involved found a reason to get involved in the destiny and decisions in their neighborhood. All of this is fantastic.

Quite unfortunately, the debate also created some tensions and negative feelings between neighbors and community members as healthy debate on the proposal devolved into participants questioning one another's intelligence and character. This was especially evident on social media including and facebook. Not only does this not add to the discussion, but it makes people tune out and be less likely to participate in the process, which is the opposite of what's best for the neighborhood.

Let's remember that we're in Wisconsin. I am nobody's mother, but I feel very comfortable calling on each of us to remember our manners and our values. I believe in a District 3 in which new proposals and ideas can spur all the of the positive impacts: more folks getting involved, healthy discussion on the pros and cons, and a chance to connect with our neighbors as human beings, without the negative impacts such as name-calling and insults on social media. It starts with each of us, on all sides of an issue, minding our actions.


Earth Day in District 3

Speaking of the strength of the community present in our neighborhoods, this Saturday, April 23rd is the Earth Day Clean Up in parks in the Heritage Heights neighborhood, and Saturday May 7th is the invasive species weed pull in Heritage Sanctuary. Grab your gardening gloves and get after it, and Happy Earth Day to all of you


Here We Go Again :) :)

Finally, I want to apprise everyone of two residential development proposals toward the eastern edge of our district, and to invite you to a neighborhood meeting to discuss them. One is a multi-family 40-50 unit residential structure at the edge of the Grandview Commons North neighborhood, and the other is a senior living community in the Metro Tech area near the corner of Milwaukee St and Sprecher Rd.

We'll begin our neighborhood conversation about these proposals with a meeting on Wednesday April 27th from 630pm-830pm in the Family Room (Room 200) in Door Creek Church. If you are in Wards 8 or 9 you will also received a postcard invite to this meeting in the mail.

Our neighbors in Heritage Heights and Rolling Meadows, and across the road in Elvehjem, have set the bar high already this year in terms of involvement so I am hoping that McClellan Park, Grandview, Meadowlands, and Reston Heights will rise to the occasion as we take up these proposals. Of course these are public meetings and everyone from each neighborhood is welcome.

Thanks for everything and Happy Spring


Be well,

Amanda M-M Hall
Alder, District 3


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