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Neighborhood Meeting, Chip Sealing, Zika, and Cottage Grove Road

June 21, 2016 4:44 PM

Hi Neighbors,

3 Quick Things for you today

First, a reminder that we are meeting in the Family Room (Room 200) of Door Creek Church tomorrow Wednesday 6/22 from 6pm-8pm to continue our conversation about the two proposed residential developments at the eastern edge of our district (the proposed senior living community at the corner of Milwaukee and Sprecher Roads and the proposed multi-family development on Milky Way).

The development team has incorporated suggestions from our neighborhood meeting earlier this year, as well as from the plan commission and urban design commission and is ready to present their final design proposals to us as a neighborhood.

Wards 8 and 9 received a written invite to this meeting as well, but everyone is welcome. Please join us for further information and discussion. Please note that even if you were unable to join us for the first meeting, you are of course more than welcome to continue the discussion with us as a neighborhood. This meeting begins toward the tail end of the captiol view farmers market so feel free to swing over after your weekly fresh produce spree/dinner from the food carts. (Somebody bring me a burrito).


Secondly, per another postcard you received, many streets in our district are currently undergoing chip sealing. I know. The noxious fumes, the tar that sticks to your vehicle's undercarriage, the chips which give you about the same traction as a bucket of a ball bearings, what's not to love?

Well actually, much as it is inconvenient (and aromatic), chip sealing about doubles the life of our streets. It's a tremendous cost saving measure. In a time when more than a few of us are processing how much everything costs, from water mains, to studies and consultants, to replacement pole barns (yes, that was an actual budget item in 2016 budget), cost saving measures are a breath of fresh air-just don't breathe this one in too deeply.

Thirdly, I am tremendously sorry to have to report that Dane County has seen its first case of zika virus. On the positive side, the person acquired the virus while traveling in another country, that is to say, mosquitos in Dane County are not rampaging around with Zika. But please be careful, especially if you are traveling abroad this summer, whether to the summer olympics or elsewhere in this vast wonderful world of ours. Here's a handy infosheet with more info about Zika prevention.


Finally, and I guess this counts as a fourth item but I figured you'd want to know, here's the update on Cottage Grove/Hwy 51 construction:

USH 51 South Exit Ramp

We will be closing the exit ramp from USH 51 to Cottage Grove Road at the end of June.  The ramp will be closed for approximately 2 weeks.

Both the exit and entrance ramps will be closed to install the remainder of the concrete pavement.

WisDOT and the City of Madison have websites with more detail regarding this project and the adjacent City of Madison roadway projects.  See the following links:


That's what I have for you this week, stay cool and hydrated, and leave yourself extra time to brake in the chip sealing zones

Be well,
Amanda Hall
Alder, District 3

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