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Last week, Pokemon Go, Development, Chip Sealing, and More Carbs

July 12, 2016 9:09 PM

Hi neighbors,

Well, never did I think I would pen a post to you which would involve policing and...pokemon. But here we are. I also have news on residential development and chip sealing so you'll want to stay tuned.


I want to take a moment to recognize what a hard couple of weeks it has been in America. While I am the alder for one slice of one city and I could just stick to blogging about chip sealing, this is a moment in history and I want to recognize it with you. We're all Americans wondering how best to address 21st century issues, to keep everyone safe, and to move forward in brotherhood. I'm sure you join me in reaching for understanding and compassion in what is a tough time for everyone and in keeping those impacted by this horrific recent violence in your thoughts.


On an entirely different note, apparently something called 'Pokemon Go' is a thing. It's a fun and activity-oriented game that all ages are playing and involves tracking digital characters all over well, everywhere. It's fantastic to see everyone outside and moving around, but let's keep some safety tips in mind


Next, the proposed senior living community at the northwest corner of Milwaukee Street and Sprecher Road comes before the Urban Design Commission tomorrow evening (Wednesday 7/13), beginning at 4:30pm in Room 300 of the Madison Municipal Building. This development has been the source of great discussion about the development and our overall vision for the Grandview North and Sprecher East neighborhoods. It has met with some concerns but has overall been a solid entity for our neighborhood. I'll be on a ride along in the west district so I won't see you at UDC but I encourage you to bring your thoughts forward to the commission. You can find the meeting's agenda here


Finally, we have had a handful of issues with this round of chip sealing. I have heard from a few of you that the chips could be better swept and have worked with city staff to get the contractor back out to go over the surface a few more times. Thanks to the efficient and responsive work of staff, th contrator will be back out next week in parts of this area to re-sweep. Obviously, the sealing is a process and the chips will have to be swept over a few more times in the next weeks before the process is complete. In the meantime, please keep in touch if the chips are becoming a huge nuisance or you feel one of the sweeps missed your street or something. Please also note that the chips shouldn't stain or mar anything in your home; they aren't tar chips or anything; they're kind of annoying but they should sweep or vacuum up pretty easily from your sidewalk or entryway.


And finally finally, we celebrate the opening of two businesses in our area. Mr. Torta's has opened at the southwest corner of Cottage Grove Road and Acewood Blvd. For those of you unfamiliar, a torta is a traditional mexican hot sandwich, often made with pulled pork or chicken and served on a warm and crisped bun. They're pretty yummy. Additionally, after a long (really long) vacancy in the building, Lagarto's has opened in the....let's call it 'landmark' pink building on Atlas Avenue just off of the Cottage Grove Road exit off Highway 51. Lagarto's also features Mexican cuisine. I know we are all relieved and excited to see a restaurant in business in this location. Please join me in keeping local businesses in mind when deciding where to have a meal.

Thank you, stay cool and hydrated and as always, stay thoughtful and engaged Madisonians

Your alder,
Amanda M-M Hall

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