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Grandview, Kwik Trip, Yet another perspective, and refuse pickup

Hi Neighbors, Happy New Year!! We’ve heard a great deal about Kwik Trip in the last six weeks or so, and I’ll happily add to that in a moment but we also have Grandview Town Center updates to announce so I figured it was a great time to be in touch. Grandview Tonight the Urban Design … [read more]

Go Lancers, Sprecher Area Developments, and MPD

Hi Neighbors, I hope this beautiful week has started off very well for you. As the school year draws to a close I hope you will join me in wishing our La Follette Lancers good luck on their final exams and wishing congratulations to La Follette’s Class of 2016. Go Lancers!! If you live in … [read more]

Video of Arrest made outside East Towne Mall this evening

Neighbors, If you haven't already seen it, a video of a two MPD officers arresting a young black woman outside East Towne Mall at approximately 7pm this evening will soon be coming up on your radar. I have viewed the video multiple times and spoken with our east district captain about it. … [read more]

a better Madison

Dear Neighbors, Now that we are close to a week out from reopening a significant wound in Madison, I want to review with you what I’ve seen, heard, and experienced this week and in the time leading up to it. First, I’d like to share with you what I know about the two officers who are … [read more]

Tomorrow is the big night!

Hi neighbors, Wanted to send out a quick pre-budget meeting(s) message. I sympathise that it is hard to process that we have so much going both nationally and locally last week and this week. As your alder, it's part of my job to keep truckin' and give each element of and amendment to our … [read more]

Loss of a Neighbor

Neighbors, I regret to tell you of the death of one of our neighbors early this morning. A gentleman passed away from an opiate overdose in the part of district just north of Milwaukee Street. This should explain the emergency vehicles you may have seen at the scene. It is unclear at this … [read more]

Sad News This Morning

Dear Neighbors, I am so sorry to bring you tragic news this morning. One of our neighbors was shot and killed very early this morning. In the early hours of today, MPD east district officers received reports of gunshots and a person down just off Cottage Grove Road. When officers arrived, … [read more]

Updates on Weekend's Sad Events

Good morning Neighbors, I want to update you on what I know this morning concerning the homicide in our neighborhood early Saturday morning. First, we know more about the young man who was killed in our neighborhood early Saturday morning. I had previously said that he was a resident of … [read more]

Free Counseling Tomorrow

Hi Neighbors, I’m writing with information on free counseling services for those children and families impacted by Saturday morning’s shooting. Principal Nancy Caldwell from Kennedy Elementary School has shown tremendous leadership and brought together resources in order for the community to … [read more]

Denouncing Neo-Nazis in Virginia

Neighbors, Join me in denouncing the neo-nazi demonstration and the related deaths of three people in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday. There is no place whatsoever for for the rhetoric or viewpoint of our radicalized fellow citizens anywhere in America. In addition to making individuals … [read more]

Madison Public Market and City Budget

Hi Neighbors, Let’s talk budget. As you know, Madison completes its budget cycle annually so every year we re-prioritize and re-order and re-chart our course based on our values. A city’s values are where it puts its money and I take that very seriously. In the past I have supported funding … [read more]

New Proposal for Corner of Acewood Blvd and Cottage Grove Road

Hi Neighbors, I’m writing you for the second time in two days, and I have something really important to discuss with you-housing. It is so easy for those of us who have homes, and who work hard to pay the rent or mortgage, but who know that ultimately we’ll make our payments, to forget just … [read more]

Announcements and Updates-Early Voting, Solar Panels, and Affordable Housing

Hi Neighbors, I have some announcements tonights as well as additional information on a recent proposal I will be unavailable tomorrow (Wednesday) through Sunday. I’m getting married and we are taking a short honeymoon. As has become the norm, District 3 will have a backup alder while I am … [read more]

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