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Tag: Grandview Town Center

A Few Things Before the Holiday Weekend

Hi again neighbors, I hope it’s not too much info to bring to your attention in one day but in addition to the little note about the blasting earlier, I wanted to put a few more things on your radar before we head into the holiday weekend. See below for news on wild parsnips, west nile … [read more]

Grandview Town Center First Public Meeting Upcoming

Hello Neighbors, I emailed you about this last week but in the hubbub of the holiday weekend it may have been missed so I want to send a follow up and reminder. A development company has stepped forward to develop Grandview Commons Town Center, the space between Great Dane East and Metro … [read more]

Location Confirmed for 1st Neighborhood Info Session

Hi District 3ers, Thanks for your patience, the location for the first neighborhood information session for Grandview Town Center is Kennedy Elementary School in the library. I hope to see you this Friday July 17th at 6pm at Kennedy Elementary to learn more about this development. If you … [read more]

Recap of 1st Grandview Town Center Meeting and more exciting news

Hi neighbors, what a week! As you may read in the paper, we have begun our discussion of the Grandview Town Center Development. Last week a good number of neighbors braved the heat and humidity to talk with DSI and associates who will be handling the proposed development. Read on … [read more]

Grandview Hwy 51 and Judge Doyle Square (Oh My)

Hi Neighbors, I've got a lot of info to share so I'll try to be concise. (You know that's not easy for me). Grandview The plans for Grandview Town Center have hit a few snags because the developer's proposed plans do not match what the neighborhood and capital improvement plans call for. … [read more]

New Grandview Town Center Designs-take a look!

Good Monday Morning Neighbors, Now that we’ve all had a good stretch and yawn, I want to thank you most sincerely for responding to my last blog post with your thoughts, reasoning, and opinions with regards to Grandview Town Center and to Judge Doyle Square. Interestingly the response was … [read more]

Quick update in regards to Grandview, a special opportunity for veterans, and seniors yoga

Hi Neighbors, I met with the McClellan Park Neighborhood Association last week and then again with Veridian/DSI about the dynamic Grandview Commons development. With the high degree of involvement of residents and the willingness of Veridian and DSI to work with all stakeholders, the project … [read more]

Coyotes, Grandview Interactive Meeting, and Hwy 51 southbound

Hi District 3ers 3 quick hits this afternoon Coyotes - Please keep an eye out on behalf of your pets as there have been coyote attacks on dogs in the area. Read more info here and join us for an informational meeting tonight at 730pm at Oak Park Place (718 Jupiter Drive). … [read more]

New Grandview Designs and a Hearty Congratulations on some great and effective activism

Hi Neighbors and Happy Halloween, Here's what's up this week: Hwy 51-You spoke, the DOT listened - Thanks to your grassroots organizing and individual action in reaching out to state DOT staff, our concerns have been well heard and some progress has been made. On the southbound 51 on-ramp … [read more]

Grandview Town Center Design Photos Take 2

Hi neighbors, I understand that the link in the original blog post did not work so while I apologize for hitting your inbox twice within a few days, you need these design photos. Here they are. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions and seeing you Monday evening … [read more]

Grandview, Kwik Trip, Yet another perspective, and refuse pickup

Hi Neighbors, Happy New Year!! We’ve heard a great deal about Kwik Trip in the last six weeks or so, and I’ll happily add to that in a moment but we also have Grandview Town Center updates to announce so I figured it was a great time to be in touch. Grandview Tonight the Urban Design … [read more]

Ice Skating, MSCR, Grandview, and hitting close to home

Hi there neighbors, I hope you are having a good, if snowy, week and that you’ve had a chance to check out the ice skating rink in Heritage Heights Park. If you haven’t made it down there yet, please note that the rink is open during daylight hours for your enjoyment and recreation. If … [read more]

deep thinking and commercial development updates

Hi Neighbors, Thank you for the immense positive response from my last blog post and thank you to everyone who read through it and gave it some thought. I am so grateful to be part of such a strong district and community who is willing to dig deep and think hard about who we are and how we … [read more]

Post Thanksgiving Updates on the budget, Grandview, and being good neighbors

Hi neighbors, We made it through another budget! In a months long process culminating in back to back late night meetings, were able to put together a budget which we believe reflects Madison’s current and future best interests. As your alder I voted for nine or ten (after midnight I forgot … [read more]

Proposed Galileo Connection to Milwaukee Street

Good evening neighbors, Quick update for our neighbors in the Grandview area regarding a possible change up in plans for roadways there. In the original neighborhood plans for Grandview, North Star Drive was intended to be the main north/south arterial through the neighborhood. In recent … [read more]

Galileo Drive Neighborhood Meeting, Kennedy Crossing Guard, Parks, RMNA, and more

Good evening neighbors, It’s been another event-filled week for District 3 and with a busy week coming up I wanted to update you on neighborhood happenings. Grandview and Galileo We were able to successfully move the Galileo Drive extension to the next Plan Commission meeting which is … [read more]

Development, Redevlopment, and District 3's farmers market

Good morning neighbors, I’m writing to share news of development and redevelopment, and reminding you to come out to our local farmers market beginning next week. Our Rolling Meadows Neighborhood Association executive board has stepped up to improve McGinnis Park. This park has been in our … [read more]

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