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Tag: Kwik Trip

Grandview, Kwik Trip, Yet another perspective, and refuse pickup

Hi Neighbors, Happy New Year!! We’ve heard a great deal about Kwik Trip in the last six weeks or so, and I’ll happily add to that in a moment but we also have Grandview Town Center updates to announce so I figured it was a great time to be in touch. Grandview Tonight the Urban Design … [read more]

deep thinking and commercial development updates

Hi Neighbors, Thank you for the immense positive response from my last blog post and thank you to everyone who read through it and gave it some thought. I am so grateful to be part of such a strong district and community who is willing to dig deep and think hard about who we are and how we … [read more]

Neighborhood Planning, Kwik Trip, Rain Barrels, and Flowers - a hodgepodge email

Hi Neighbors, Greetings on this absolutely gorgeously warm and breezy day I have several things to share with you all Firstly, the proposed Kwik Trip for the old Sentry location has gotten several of our neighbors thinking about whether a gas station is the best choice for that space for … [read more]

Kwik Trip at UDC tonight, plus taking your yard and garden to the next level

Good oddly chilly day neighbors, We have a lot to cover today. Kwik Trip Firstly, remember that the Urban Design Commission will consider the Kwik Trip proposal at tonight’s meeting. The meeting begins at 430pm and Kwik Trip is the 10th item on the agenda. This means it could come … [read more]

Oops UDC is on Wednesday not tonight

Quick correction neighbors, UDC is not tonight, it's Wednesday night, April 6th, two days from now. When I first saw the date I was confused why they slated it for this room on this date, but when it comes to city committee meeting locations there is a special magic involved and I don't ask … [read more]

Horses! ...and firefighters, and a Kwik Trip Update

Hi there neighhhhh-bors, On behalf of Madison Police Department Mounted Patrol I am pleased to invite you to the mounted patrol open house on Sunday May 1st. (I am also pleased to share hilarious pun jokes at every possible opportunity). The event is free all day and is located at the facility … [read more]

Recap of Plan Commission Meeting and Info About a Residential Development Proposal

Good morning District 3, I hope you are all well this morning. Again, please stay alert as you move around the many fine businesses in our area this today as the suspect in yesterday evening’s purse grabs has not been apprehended at this time. For those of you did not watch the plan … [read more]

UW Credit Union, Water Bills, Traffic, and most importantly Voting

Hi neighbors, I’m excited to be writing to you with warmer and happier tidings than the last few times we’ve spoken. There’s lots to share- UW Credit Union First and foremost, as many of you have heard, we have a nibble on the line for the former Sentry site. UW Credit union is … [read more]

Residential Development and development process dates, plus new traffic signal on Milwaukee Street

Hi Neighbors, I have so many updates for you this evening! Let’s dive right in AT&T Cabling Those of us on the east side of Sprecher Road noticed the fall colors turn up early this year, in the form of red and yellow spray paint and orange signs. AT&T is putting in cable in our … [read more]

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