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Horses! ...and firefighters, and a Kwik Trip Update

Hi there neighhhhh-bors, On behalf of Madison Police Department Mounted Patrol I am pleased to invite you to the mounted patrol open house on Sunday May 1st. (I am also pleased to share hilarious pun jokes at every possible opportunity). The event is free all day and is located at the facility … [read more]

purse grabber about, please stay alert

Neighbors, Greetings from the plan commission meeting where we are debating the Kwik Trip proposal. I needed to step aside from the debate for a moment to share some important information with you. I've just received word from Captain Schauf that two women have had had their purses stolen … [read more]

Go Lancers, Sprecher Area Developments, and MPD

Hi Neighbors, I hope this beautiful week has started off very well for you. As the school year draws to a close I hope you will join me in wishing our La Follette Lancers good luck on their final exams and wishing congratulations to La Follette’s Class of 2016. Go Lancers!! If you live in … [read more]

Neighborhood Meeting, Chip Sealing, Zika, and Cottage Grove Road

Hi Neighbors, 3 Quick Things for you today First, a reminder that we are meeting in the Family Room (Room 200) of Door Creek Church tomorrow Wednesday 6/22 from 6pm-8pm to continue our conversation about the two proposed residential developments at the eastern edge of our district (the … [read more]

Video of Arrest made outside East Towne Mall this evening

Neighbors, If you haven't already seen it, a video of a two MPD officers arresting a young black woman outside East Towne Mall at approximately 7pm this evening will soon be coming up on your radar. I have viewed the video multiple times and spoken with our east district captain about it. … [read more]

a better Madison

Dear Neighbors, Now that we are close to a week out from reopening a significant wound in Madison, I want to review with you what I’ve seen, heard, and experienced this week and in the time leading up to it. First, I’d like to share with you what I know about the two officers who are … [read more]

Last week, Pokemon Go, Development, Chip Sealing, and More Carbs

Hi neighbors, Well, never did I think I would pen a post to you which would involve policing and...pokemon. But here we are. I also have news on residential development and chip sealing so you’ll want to stay tuned. I want to take a moment to recognize what a hard couple of weeks it … [read more]

A Midsummer's update

Hi Neighbors, Well is it humid enough for you? Yikes. I hope your tomatoes and other humidity-loving plants are coming along nicely in this weather, if nothing else. I have a few things on which to update you today Residential Development The proposal for the senior living … [read more]

Latest Proposed Panhandling Ordinance

Dear Neighbors, While my blog updates are typically trademarked by updates, community happenings, and a dash of humor, it's high time for me to speak up in an issue-specific post with you on a serious topic. The construction updates and pun jokes are back next week, I promise. A few months … [read more]

Lots of good news for you this week

Hi neighbors, I hope this beautiful, if mostly damp fall season is treating you well I have a few interesting things about which to chat with you today, As I am certain you've noticed, this year's Cottage Grove construction is mainly complete. Please feel welcome to join me in song … [read more]

Halloween and Voting and Cottage Grove Road

Hi neighbors, lots of info to share: Cottage Grove Road Closure Tomorrow First and foremost please note that the westbound lanes of Cottage Grove Road are closed tomorrow from Monona Drive west almost to Hwy 51. You will still be able to enter and exit Hwy 51 onto CG Road from that … [read more]

Post Thanksgiving Updates on the budget, Grandview, and being good neighbors

Hi neighbors, We made it through another budget! In a months long process culminating in back to back late night meetings, were able to put together a budget which we believe reflects Madison’s current and future best interests. As your alder I voted for nine or ten (after midnight I forgot … [read more]

Proposed Biergarten Public Meeting

Hi Neighbors, Although it's a few miles outside our district, our lakes and lakefronts are for everyone, and I've heard from a couple of you about the proposed Biergarten in Olbrich Park. Like any project, this has its plusses and minuses and I'm looking forward to asking more questions and … [read more]

snow updates and plans

Hi neighbors, As you may have noticed, it's snowing pretty well out there. I have the following info for you in regards to plowing and parking: Snow Plowing Updates by Chris Kelley, Streets Superintendent posted December 11, 2016 1:42 PM Another snow emergency has been declared. The … [read more]

Suspect in custody this evening as we lose one of our neighbors

My dear neigbors, It is with immense regret that I share the news that there has been a fatal shooting here in our area this evening. Earlier tonight a neighbor lost their life and another was injured in a shooting on Kevin's Way in the Heritage Heights/Rolling Meadows area. Madison Police … [read more]

more updates after the longest night of the year

Dear neighbors, Last night was the longest night of the year. Thanks to the Winter Solstice, the northern hemisphere, including little District 3, had more hours and minutes of darkness than at any evening this year. On a night with more darkness than any other we also learned of the fatal … [read more]

Gaining Closure and Thinking Hard One Week After The Shooting

Dear Neighbors, It's been right around a week since the east side lost one of its own in a senseless act of gun violence. Since that night, much has happened, and I want to recap where we're at, what we know, and make space for folks to chime in about we can create a closer community, … [read more]

with regrets, information on a violent crime in our district

Hello neighbors; I am filled with regret to tell you news of and information about a stabbing in our district this evening. Early accounts indicate, and it will become clear why we cannot for sure corroborate them at this moment, that earlier this evening, around 8:15pm, a woman was stabbed in … [read more]

this is NOT a winter wonderland

Ok neighbors, I don't know why science and meteorology are not making sense right now, but they aren't. It is an unholy slippery mess out there. The city crews have been salting the entire afternoon and it's well above the degree threshhold for road salt to work, so my best idea is that the … [read more]

Biergarten Update Ahead of Tomorrow's Vote

Hi Neighbors, I wanted to be in touch ahead of the vote tomorrow evening on the Olbrich Biergarten proposal. For those of you who haven't yet given it much thought, please find additional info here and here. For those of you who have given this some thought and written me about it, thank … [read more]

What 'Respect' Means in Public Service

Hi neighbors, I want to talk with you today about what support looks like. Support is a term that we use in everything from donating to a good cause to shopping for sports bras, but today I want to talk with you about supporting our police department. In the last few years as our community … [read more]

Loss of a Neighbor

Neighbors, I regret to tell you of the death of one of our neighbors early this morning. A gentleman passed away from an opiate overdose in the part of district just north of Milwaukee Street. This should explain the emergency vehicles you may have seen at the scene. It is unclear at this … [read more]

Sad News This Morning

Dear Neighbors, I am so sorry to bring you tragic news this morning. One of our neighbors was shot and killed very early this morning. In the early hours of today, MPD east district officers received reports of gunshots and a person down just off Cottage Grove Road. When officers arrived, … [read more]

Updates on Weekend's Sad Events

Good morning Neighbors, I want to update you on what I know this morning concerning the homicide in our neighborhood early Saturday morning. First, we know more about the young man who was killed in our neighborhood early Saturday morning. I had previously said that he was a resident of … [read more]

Free Counseling Tomorrow

Hi Neighbors, I’m writing with information on free counseling services for those children and families impacted by Saturday morning’s shooting. Principal Nancy Caldwell from Kennedy Elementary School has shown tremendous leadership and brought together resources in order for the community to … [read more]

Trying to stay patient and remain focused

Neighbors, I am trying so hard to be patient. What’s been going on in our city has me pretty steamed. While the further east side of Madison is by far the safest residential area in the city, the rest of the city is contending with way more gun violence than we’ve dealt with in recent memory. I’m … [read more]

Updates on Neighborhood Odor and I-94

Hi neighbors, Slightly odorous news, plus transportation infrastructure happenings to share with you tonight Seriously, what is that smell Many of us, all over the district have noticed the aroma of the landfill (which is way south of even the furthest south parts of District 3) which … [read more]

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, please be safe in the snow

Hi all, Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays Those who wanted a white Christmas are getting their wish just in time and for all who are traveling today, we'll need to make it a slower and more cautious trip. HUGE Thanks to our streets department staff who are being pulled from family … [read more]

Streets and Roads and Happy New Year

Hi Neighbors, A few street and road updates this afternoon- Streets, Plowing, and Snow I want to pass along our latest streets updates. I encourage you to follow @MadisonWinter on Twitter for the latest updates. For those of you who do not use Twitter, please note that Twitter is … [read more]

Snow Emergency and 8 Additional Police Officers

Hi Neighbors, 2 Main Updates Tonight Snow Emergency That snow is a bit intense! We finally have enough snow cover for skiing, snowshoeing, and fat tire biking and I actually saw folks doing all of those things at Door Creek Park late this afternoon. I’m thrilled that folks are getting … [read more]

Galileo Drive Neighborhood Meeting, Kennedy Crossing Guard, Parks, RMNA, and more

Good evening neighbors, It’s been another event-filled week for District 3 and with a busy week coming up I wanted to update you on neighborhood happenings. Grandview and Galileo We were able to successfully move the Galileo Drive extension to the next Plan Commission meeting which is … [read more]

Chase Bank Robbery 3.1

Dear Neighbors With regard for you and to bring you the most up to date information possible, I want to share that our neighborhood CHASE bank branch had once again been robbed. Again. Very unfortunately this robbery involved shots fired as well. At this time our best information is that the … [read more]

Updates on bank robbery and death in the district

Hi Neighbors, It's been just over 24 hours since the robbery and death here on the east side and I wanted to be in touch with updates. The deceased is a 35 year old man. I had gotten word that he was 20, and I believe I referred to him as a "young man" on the news, but I was misinformed of … [read more]

Roads and Streets Updates

Good evening neighbors, We have a lot of great things to cover regarding roads and streets this evening, let's get to it Milwaukee Street Bridge - The Wisconsin Dept of Transportation (WISDOT) has determined that the bridge across Milwaukee Street needs to be redecked. I think most of us … [read more]

Trees and Parks and Other Updates

Hi Neighbors, While we had a number of streets-related news to sort through last night, I wanted to give you updates from several other topics as well. Ash Tree Removal Ash trees are slated for removal in the west half of our district. This will impact Wards 10, 11, and 12, the Heistand, … [read more]

Chase Bank Security - Please Chime In With Your Thoughts

Hi Neighbors, Chase Bank has kindly and diplomatically reached out to meet with me tomorrow evening about security measures at the Milwaukee Street branch. One main topic of our discussion will be the continued plans for an armed guard at the branch. This armed guard would be an off-duty … [read more]

4 Quick Updates, Chase meeting rescheduled, early voting and more

Hi Neighbors, 4 Quick Updates Tonight My meeting with Chase Bank had to be rescheduled; it's now next Monday evening. Many of you have chimed in already and we sit at about 50/50 for whether an armed guard (a highly trained off duty MPD officer), is the best safety option for the … [read more]

Death of 2 Neighbors Early This Morning

Dear Neighbors, It’s with a heavy heart that I inform you of two deaths in our neighborhood this morning. According to the MPD lieutenant with whom I am working to bring you this information, two males have passed away from gunshot wounds in a home in the 600 block of Meadowlark … [read more]

Updates on the 2 deaths in our neighborhood this morning

Dear neighbors, I’ve just attended Police Chief Koval’s press conference regarding the two deaths on Meadowlark Drive early this morning and wanted to be in touch with updates. The two deceased are a 33 year old man and his father, both of whom resided at that home. The weapon was a single … [read more]

Remember to Vote and News on Subway Robbery

Hi Neighbors, It's getting a bit slippery out there, please still exercise your right to vote. If you don't feel confident driving in the precipitation, please call 242-2000 for Union Cab, who is offering free rides to and from the polls all day today. Remember that if you are in line to … [read more]

Announcements and Updates-Early Voting, Solar Panels, and Affordable Housing

Hi Neighbors, I have some announcements tonights as well as additional information on a recent proposal I will be unavailable tomorrow (Wednesday) through Sunday. I’m getting married and we are taking a short honeymoon. As has become the norm, District 3 will have a backup alder while I am … [read more]

Flooding Updates for Saturday

Good morning District 3 I have flood updates for you According to City Engineering, yesterday's light rain means that Lake Monona only went up 2" with the dam being open, instead of the potential 3-4". Today is also supposed to be mainly dry. All this is giving the water table time to … [read more]

Call for Volunteers to help with sandbagging

Good morning neighbors, Volunteers are needed to help fill, tie, and haul sandbags to guard against flooding caused by storm sewers backing up into streets and the flash flooding that we’ll see should we have a significant rain event in the next couple of days. If filling and hauling … [read more]

Looking ahead to tomorrow's commute with respect to isthmus flooding

Good evening neighbors It was another great day with tons of work from awesome volunteers and city staff and the national guard. As of this morning we had together produced 160,000 sandbags. What a community we have! I recevied texts from folks right here in District 3 who went down and … [read more]

Updates on the shooting incident near Walgreen's this morning

Hi Neighbors Disappointing news this morning. Very early this morning a man from our district was shot twice in the parking area behind the Walgreen’s on Cottage Grove Road. The man underwent surgery and is expected to survive. No other individuals were injured. From preliminary reports, … [read more]

Updates and reminders for this week

Hi neighbors, MPD is still working to learn more about the shooting incident from this morning. Again, if you heard or saw anything, you are encouraged to contact MPD 2 reminders for this week: Firstly, we have a neighborhood meeting to discuss the Ace Apartment proposal tomorrow … [read more]

Updates on gun incident on Pflaum Road this afternoon

Neighbors, What a day for the Madison area I’m sure you’ve seen reports of a shooting on Pflaum Road, which is right near La Follette High School and Sennett Middle School I can report that this shooting appears to quite possibly have been an accident. It appears that a group of teens were … [read more]

Student shot non-critically near La Follette, H.S. on lockdown

Dear Neighbors, I’ve been informed by MPD that a La Follette student has been struck by a bullet near school grounds. At this point, MPD does not believe that the person who fired the gun is actively targeting the school or other students. The high school is on lockdown at this time as a … [read more]

updates on shooting incident near La Follette

Hi neighbors, The lockdown at La Follette has been lifted and the school day is continuing. There will be additional supervision for regular dismissal at the end of the school day. All after school programs and activities will continue as planned The young man who was shot is being treated … [read more]

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