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updates from last night's storm

Hi neighbors, Wow that was quite a storm last night! I hope your power is back on if you lost it and that you didn't lose any trees. If you did lose some trees/branches I am sorry to hear it, but I have some good news for you as you dig out today. The city has temporarily lifted its 'one … [read more]

A Midsummer's update

Hi Neighbors, Well is it humid enough for you? Yikes. I hope your tomatoes and other humidity-loving plants are coming along nicely in this weather, if nothing else. I have a few things on which to update you today Residential Development The proposal for the senior living … [read more]

Snow "Emergency" in Full Effect

Hi Neighbors, I have news from our friends with Streets Department: "The City of Madison has declared a snow emergency. This means alternate side parking restrictions will be in effect throughout the entire City of Madison tonight, including the downtown/isthmus snow emergency zone. … [read more]

snow updates and plans

Hi neighbors, As you may have noticed, it's snowing pretty well out there. I have the following info for you in regards to plowing and parking: Snow Plowing Updates by Chris Kelley, Streets Superintendent posted December 11, 2016 1:42 PM Another snow emergency has been declared. The … [read more]

please please please be safe out there

Hi Neighbors, I hope this note finds you snug at home. In this weather, county officials have asked us all to stay in. While I have zero authority to ask any of you to stay in, go out, or dance a jig, as your neighbor I hope you will stay safe. If you work second shift and/or weekends or … [read more]

This afternoon's tornadoes

Well that was awfully strange. Hi neighbors, I hope this message finds you safe. Just about 90 minutes ago we had tornadoes go through near us, one along East Washington near Fair Oaks and one in Sun Prairie. I was home when I heard the sirens go off, and the sun was shining. I immediately … [read more]

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, please be safe in the snow

Hi all, Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays Those who wanted a white Christmas are getting their wish just in time and for all who are traveling today, we'll need to make it a slower and more cautious trip. HUGE Thanks to our streets department staff who are being pulled from family … [read more]

Streets and Roads and Happy New Year

Hi Neighbors, A few street and road updates this afternoon- Streets, Plowing, and Snow I want to pass along our latest streets updates. I encourage you to follow @MadisonWinter on Twitter for the latest updates. For those of you who do not use Twitter, please note that Twitter is … [read more]

Snow Emergency and 8 Additional Police Officers

Hi Neighbors, 2 Main Updates Tonight Snow Emergency That snow is a bit intense! We finally have enough snow cover for skiing, snowshoeing, and fat tire biking and I actually saw folks doing all of those things at Door Creek Park late this afternoon. I’m thrilled that folks are getting … [read more]

Roads and Streets Updates

Good evening neighbors, We have a lot of great things to cover regarding roads and streets this evening, let's get to it Milwaukee Street Bridge - The Wisconsin Dept of Transportation (WISDOT) has determined that the bridge across Milwaukee Street needs to be redecked. I think most of us … [read more]

Remember to Vote and News on Subway Robbery

Hi Neighbors, It's getting a bit slippery out there, please still exercise your right to vote. If you don't feel confident driving in the precipitation, please call 242-2000 for Union Cab, who is offering free rides to and from the polls all day today. Remember that if you are in line to … [read more]

McGinnis Park, Milwaukee Street Bridge, and Proposed Apartment Complex

Happy Summer Neighbors! I have a few updates and reminders to share with you all this evening As I mentioned a few weeks ago, neighbors in the Rolling Meadows Neighborhood Association have taken great initiative in plans to make McGinnis Park more usable, accessible, and beautiful. For one … [read more]

Updates Ahead of Independence Day

Hi Neighbors, Can you believe we are headed for the 4th of July Week next week? This wonderful summer is moving fast. Ahead of the holiday I wanted to talk with you about fireworks and beaches. Naturally, it's quite American to enjoy creating explosions and loud noises :D I'm the last … [read more]

Flooding Updates as river and lake levels ramp up

Hi Neighbors, While Monday's rain did not impact District 3 too much compared to our neighbors across the city, our hearts are with those who experienced loss and destruction during the flash flooding. The second part of any heavy rain event is rising river and lake levels. As water drains … [read more]

Flooding Updates and Info for What's Next

Hi Neighbors, I have flooding updates for you, and resources for what's next for our water tabl I was down on E. Main Street today hauling sandbags and the buzz on the near east side focused on the 'what ifs' with respect to water levels in light of predicted rain in the next several … [read more]

Flooding Updates for Saturday

Good morning District 3 I have flood updates for you According to City Engineering, yesterday's light rain means that Lake Monona only went up 2" with the dam being open, instead of the potential 3-4". Today is also supposed to be mainly dry. All this is giving the water table time to … [read more]

Call for Volunteers to help with sandbagging

Good morning neighbors, Volunteers are needed to help fill, tie, and haul sandbags to guard against flooding caused by storm sewers backing up into streets and the flash flooding that we’ll see should we have a significant rain event in the next couple of days. If filling and hauling … [read more]

Looking ahead to tomorrow's commute with respect to isthmus flooding

Good evening neighbors It was another great day with tons of work from awesome volunteers and city staff and the national guard. As of this morning we had together produced 160,000 sandbags. What a community we have! I recevied texts from folks right here in District 3 who went down and … [read more]

City wide flash flood alert

Hi Neighbors, sharing the following alert: ALERT: Flash Flooding Risks City-wide Posted: 08/28/18 - 6:05pm Conditions are favorable for urban flash flooding with 2-3" of rain in the next two hours with 1" later in the evening. Don't drive. Move cars from low-lying areas. Turn … [read more]

Flooding, Rodefeld, Ace Apartment, and IRONMAN!

Hi Neighbors I hope you had a great holiday weekend and for those of you with kids, a great first day back at school. I have a number of updates for you this evening. Flooding We continue to struggle with flooding issues on the isthmus. You can find the latest list of road closures and … [read more]

one last update from me, info on early voting and Pinney Library

Hi Neighbors I want to fill you on how the next couple of months are going to go. Veteran Alder David Ahrens, who leads the 15th district directly to our west, will be filling in for me in the last couple of months before the new alder is elected. Alder Ahrens is experienced and will be a … [read more]

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