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Update on recent buglaries

September 16, 2013 12:18 PM

Campus south of Regent Street has been experiencing a number of buglaries since the start of school. While this area is not in my district, I'd like to share an email from Madison South District Captian Joe Balles to District 13 Alder Sue Ellingson:

"On Saturday night (early Sunday morning) at shortly after midnight, a bunch of UW students were at 141 Lathrop Street watching the Badger game.  From inside the residence, one of the students who lived next door at 143 Lathrop Street just happened to look out the window and over to their residence and saw someone inside his roommate's bedroom.  That roommate was also present at 141 Lathrop Street watching the game.   The students proceeded to run back over to their apartment where they found a 15 year old b/m juvenile inside.  After a brief struggle, they tackled him to the floor and detained him until MPD arrived.  We had two South CPT officers working overtime Saturday night because of the recent home invasions and they were only a block away when 911 dispatched this call.  Another student resident or neighbor found a second subject w/m near in the back exterior of the residence who was believed to also have been involved.   When they attempted to contact him, he ran and fled the area west bound on Van Hise Street.    It appears the suspects were after electronics.  The detained subject was found to have a MacBook Pro laptop stuffed down the front of his pants when he was tackled to the ground.

The young man who we arrested for burglary and conveyed to the Dane County Juvenile Reception Center is well known to us (south side resident, WHS student).  At this time we are not certain if this individual is responsible for the other two recent home invasions where a firearm was used to confront the residents.  South District detectives will begin sorting out the details today.    In the meantime, I believe it is still important for our UW-Edgewood residents in your neighborhoods to remain vigilant.  The students who helped detain this young man on Saturday night did a great job and were great witnesses.

I'll keep you posted.  Advise if you have further questions, etc.  Here is Joel's press release on this...

Capt Joe"

Here is a case where the extra overtime units were a valuable resource to capturing a suspect. The City will contiune on this path until the recent hash of crimes comes to an end. 

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