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Highlighted Incident Report

October 25, 2013 1:38 PM

Highlighted police incident report from Thursday:


Incident Report for Case - #2013-334222
Incident Type - Robbery
Incident Date - 10/23/2013 2:27 PM
Address - 500 block W. Mifflin St.
Victim - Male
Update - 10/24 4PM

Kendredge Dillard was taken into custody in Illinois, on the charge of Armed Robbery, during the early morning hours of 10/24/2013.   A press conference was held today at The Madison Police Department, outlining a variety of work yet to be done by MPD Detectives, as they attempt to connect Dillard to other potential cases of this nature.  Based on the extensive number of cases involved, it will take some time to adequately complete the arduous task, but we ask that no photographs of Dillard be released at this time.  The press conference was aimed at updating both the general public and news media reference the current status of this particular case, but additional details are not being disclosed at this time.  It is our belief that additional details being released would negatively impact our investigative aims.  More information will be released in the upcoming weeks, and we will continue to keep everyone updated.

Police Officer Howard Payne
Public Information Office

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