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Digital Design Proposal Selected by the White House

February 25, 2014 2:30 PM

Big news for 21-century manufacturing in the greater Midwest region!

It was officially announced today that the Department of Defense has selected to fund the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute based out of Chicago. This institute is a public-private partnership between businesses, non-profits and academic intuitions to research, advance and develop new digital manufacturing technologies.  

UW-Madison is one of the contributing universities to the grant. The University will reap rewards in this decision through new funding streams, and provide our research knowledge in advanced computer analysis. 

This will greatly increase manufacturing opportunities in Madison, and naturally lure more high-tech companies focused in digital design to the region. While Madison has experienced a significant loss in the number of manufacturing jobs during the recession, this decision has the potential to redirect new jobs back into the region and replenish our community with good paying career paths. 

A majority of Wisconsin's congressional representatives and Chancellor Blank supported Mayor Rahm efforts to win the initiative. I am excited to see this development, and how it will improve economic conditions within Madison. 

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