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Renters: Beware of False Promises

November 9, 2011 12:22 PM

Every November students rush to find an apartment for the following year. While the city has considered ordinance options to regulate the early signing period, the recent passage of SB 107 limits the City of Madison's legislative options. Therefore, here are a few tips I like to share:

  • Don't feel rushed into making a decision. There will be apartment units available well into the summer and several landlords don't begin showing units until after winter break. Some will start decreasing their rent or become more flexible with their terms during spring break.
  • Do your homework on your landlord or property management company. What is their reputation on campus? Ask the previous residents how responsive they were to repair requests.
  • Make sure all promises and arrangements are stated in your lease. This is a contract that CAN be negotiated. Certain property management companies have been known to make promises regarding discounted rent or repairs, but never fulfill their obligation. Make sure these promises are made IN WRITING.
  • Ask your landlord's policy will be on resigning your lease, showing your apartment, and security deposits. Lease agreements are contracts, and although the city can no longer ensure rights like 24-notice and photos for security deposit charges, you can request to add these provisions back you're your lease.


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