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Adding Additional Pedestrian Lighting Downtown

January 27, 2012 4:47 PM

Since taking office ten months ago, I have advocated diligently for pedestrian lighting throughout the district. So far the council has supported these efforts and it has paid enormous divides to the impacted neighborhoods.

For example before last summer, MPD would often park a squad car at the end of Lake Street to provide adequate protection to Mendota Court. Since adding pedestrian lighting, we've seen the number of criminal incidences decrease and the atmosphere on the block improve.

However, most people are unaware that these lights are often funded by property owners though taxes.

This summer, property owners (mostly landlords) were asked to pay for additional lighting on Spring Street. The bill was pricey: lighting on four blocks cost $196,000.00, split among a two dozen landlords over 8 or 15 years.

At the public hearings I expected outrage, but found the exact opposite. Not a single landlord spoke out against the lighting assessment. To paraphrase a conversation with one landlord after the meeting, 'the lights beautify the neighborhood, increase property value, and make students safer. How can I oppose that?'

At the February 2nd State Street Design Oversight Committee (5:15 pm, rm LL 130, MMB) and the February 8th Board of Public Works (6:30 pm, rm 108, CCB) meetings students and downtown patrons will be asking property owners again to support pedestrian lighting. The City will be reconstructing the following streets downtown and asking property owners to reinvest in safety and aesthetical look of downtown:

  • 200 block W Gorham Street (terraces, trees and lighting)
  • 300 block N Henry Street (street reconstruction, sidewalks, sewer, and lighting)
  • 400 block N Frances Street (terraces, trees, and lighting)
  • 500 block N Frances (utility work with resurfacing and sidewalks)


With any luck, these property owners will follow the lead of others, and reinvest into our downtown. For more information, please check out the project website


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