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Steam Blows, Road Closures and the Plan Commission's Calendar

January 31, 2012 5:00 PM

The city is busy scheduling meeting and conducting routine business. Here are several announcements impacting D8:

Steam Blows: This week the Charter Street Heating Plant will be conducting a steam blow. The purpose of the blow is to clean the steam piping of dirt and other loose debris. Blowing high pressure steam through the piping can be a noisy process, although measures have been taken to hopefully keep the noise below the city ordinance requirements. The steam blow will produce a plume of clean, white water vapor. Residents should not be alarmed by the standard procedure.

Any questions can be directed to John Harrod, UW Physical Plant director at 263-3077.

Closure of West Lakelawn Place: On Wednesday, February 1st, West Lakelawn Place will be closed again due to construction. The closure should only last several hours and occur between 7 am and 5 pm. 

202-206 Brooks Update: The construction of a 14-unit, five story student apartment received initial approval at the Urban Design Commission and will be discussed at the Plan Commission on February 20th at 6 pm. The building would replace two dilapidated houses, nearly 100 years old. The University has noted an objection to the project, discussed here

If the project receives support, it will be on the agenda of the February 28th Common Council meeting. 

723 State Street (St. Paul's): The six story of St. Paul's has received initial approval from the Urban Design Commission and will be discussed at the February 6th Plan Commission meeting at 6 pm. The reconstruction has been modified from the original fourteen story proposal, and I believe the current massing is more appropriate for Library Mall. The project will include a chapel, offices, living quarters for priests, an educational facility and a student center.

The University is expected to express concerns with the construction timeline, commenting on conflicting uses of Fitch Court.

If approved by the Plan Commission and receives final approval from the Urban Design Commission, the project will be in front of the Common Council on February 28th.

*It is important to note that the project will still require fundraising and construction will not imminently follow if approved from the Council. 

State Street Oversight Commission: The committee will be meeting on Thursday at 5:15 pm in LL-130 of MMB to discuss project plans on Frances, Henry, and Gorham Street (including pedestrian lighting); benches on State State; and plans for the reconstruction of the 700-800 State Street (Library Mall).


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