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Thought SB 107 was bad? Another housing bill is circulating in the Capitol

February 9, 2012 12:50 PM

Representative Duey Stroebel of Saukville has introduced LRB 3645 entitled: Relating to miscellaneous landlord-tenant provisions. Although it is fairly late in the legislative season this bill may be placed on committee docket in the coming days.

Below are the eight sections the bill will impact:

  1. Procedures for landlords for disposing of property left behind by a tenant.
  2. The incorporation of the Wisconsin Administrative Code into the statutes for eligible security deposit deductions.
  3. Requirement for landlords to provide new tenants with a standardized information check-in sheet, an itemized description of the premise's conditions, and disclosure of any uncorrected building code violation.
  4. Requirement for tenants to notify landlord in writing of any repair or maintenance that the premises requires before reporting the problem to a building inspector, elected public official, housing code enforcement agency, etc.
  5. Updates the severability and unenforceability of rental agreements based on applicable provisions.
  6. The ability for landlords to recover damages from a tenant's failure to vacate.
  7. Eviction actions for nonpayment of rent do not have to be dismissed if the landlord accepts past rent money.
  8. Prohibits any city, village, town, or county from enacting or enforcing an ordinance that imposes a moratorium on a landlord from pursuing an eviction action against a tenant.

Sections of this proposed law I completely oppose: there should be no obstacle that interferes with the communication between a constituent and their elected public official. This also holds for communications between a tenant and building inspector. 

Although, there could be some bright spots. While the devil may be in the details, there are a few elements of this bill that I could support, such as the requirement for check-in sheets, itemized description for premise conditions, and disclosures of any uncorrected building code violations. Devil might be in the details.

I believe that municipalities should have the ability to resolving issues within their own rental market. There are obvious differences between the rental markets in Stevens Point and Madison, and so in many cases statewide solutions are not appropriate.

I have asked the City Attorney's office for a memo on the proposed law to understand the impact on Madison housing ordinances. 

Click here to read the entire proposed bill with analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau. 

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