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Legislative update on houses bills

February 22, 2012 10:38 PM

SB466/ AB561 Previously LRB 3645, this is a bill entitled: Relating to miscellaneous landlord-tenant provisions. This bill would impact a series of provisions in Wisconsin Administrative Code that would, among other items:

  • Prevents a tenant from contacting a building inspector or elected officials before they notify the landlord in writing of the issues
  • Eliminates the right of a tenant to request a list of the previous tenant's security deposit deductions
  • Allows landlords, at their sole discretion, to determine if the property has been left behind and are essentially allowed to do whatever they want with the property


(Note a complete list of explicit and potential changes can be found here)

As stated before, I maintain that there should be no obstacle that interferes with the communication between a constituent and their elected public official. This also holds for communications between a tenant and building inspector.

There were numerous loopholes within the bill identified after the hearing. For example, what happens if a neighbor reports an incident to a building inspector without contacting the landlord? Who is penalized?

Another loophole involves the mandatory check-in forms, which according to the bill are required at lease signing. However, frequently on campus many leases are executed months before anyone moves in. Essentially, the mandatory check-in form would be months out-of-date when students physically move into their apartment.

We are awaiting committee amendments. The next hearing on the bill is Wednesday, the 29th at 10 am.


LRB 2098 This proposal is entitled: Terminating a tenancy for criminal activity and requiring notice to landlord of nuisance investigation by law enforcement agency. So far, there has been no movement on this bill. We may not see any further progression; however, the city and tenant rights advocates are watching for updates.

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