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Students Gain Louder Voice on City Committees

February 26, 2012 2:18 PM

On Tuesday, the council will vote to approve four new committee appointments that include three UW students and one recent graduate. UW students represent nearly 15% of the population of Madison, yet represent a small fraction of committee appointees. Of the nearly 70 city committees, students hold less than a dozen appointments. Currently, District 8 only has three residents serving on committees (here and here).

So often I hear arguments that since students are transient members of our community that a majority are apathetic to the city process, unknowledgeable on city issues, or that their opinions should be outweighed by lifelong residents. After hundreds of conversations with students, some who will become lifelong Madisonians, these reasons are far from the truth.

Thus, I'm excited to announce that four of new appointees have been nominated by the mayor's office to better represent the student voice on committees. This will include three UW students and one recent graduate. Below are the names of students who have been approved by the mayor to serve with the approval of the council:

  • Daniel Fahey (D4) – Appointed as a member of the Ad Hoc Committee on Moped Parking
  • Julianna Jerosch (D5) - Appointed as a member of the Ad Hoc Committee on Moped Parking
  • Sarah Neibart (D8) – Appointed as the State Street-Langdon Neighborhood Association Representative for the Joint Southeast Campus Area Committee
  • Christian Von Preysing-Barry (D2) – Appointed as an adult city resident to the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.


There are still other committee appointments with vacancies, such as the Downtown Coordinating Committee, Affirmative Action Commission, the Madison Arts Commission and the Committee on Sweat-free Purchases. To apply, residents should click on the following link or contact the Mayor's Office.

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