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AB561/SB466 is Scheduled for a Senate Vote Tonight

March 13, 2012 12:30 PM

AB561/ SB466 is scheduled to be voted on in the State Senate tonight. Some modifications have been made to the bill since it was introduced. The provision that barred tenants from directly contacting elected official until contacting their property manager in writing has been removed. 

However, the bill removes many security deposit protections:

  • Eliminates the right of a tenant to request a list of the previous tenant's security deposit deductions, allowing the landlord to charge more than one tenant for the same repairs
  • Eliminates double damages, court costs, and reasonable attorney's fees in the event that their landlord withholds money from their security deposit illegally
  • Eliminates requirement that the landlord must provide the tenants with a written and itemized list of deductions when he or she withholds from a security deposit
  • Eliminates protections for tenants whose landlords illegally withhold by misrepresenting or falsifying damages. Current law allows double damages, court costs, and reasonable attorney's fees for egregious cases


Furthermore, the bill would now allow property managers full discretion regarding items that were left once a tenant moves out. The particularly problem arises every move out season, and disputes erupt over missing items. This bill now further protects landlords. 

Please contact your State Senators to speak out against or make modifications to this bill! To read the entire potential impact of the bill, click here

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