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What happened to the Street Lights on St Patrick's Day?

March 19, 2012 5:36 PM

Dozens of State Street street lights were unexpected turned off on Saturday night from the 100 to 600 blocks. This created unexpected challenge for police officers and an unwelcome surprise for city officials. 

Once aware of the problem, Alder Verveer and I quickly assessed the situation and contacted various representatives of the police command center, MG&E, and Traffic Engineering. City staff has begun reviewing the situation and released the following regarding the events of Saturday:

"The work was done as part of the street reconstruction and involved MG&E disconnecting high voltage power to a City vault near the intersection of Fairchild and W Washington. Traffic Engineering was informed in advance by MG&E that they were doing this work on Saturday and that the work would be done in very short order, during daylight and not involving an overnight outage for City street lights.

Apparently on Saturday when MG&E proceeded to do the work they found it was more involved than they had planned. MG&E made the decision to proceed and do the work and shut the power off to our SL circuit on upper State St. We were not part of MG&E's decision to proceed with this, if we had we would have not recommended proceeding on a weekend night. MG&E did not apparently realize the impact of City lights when they decided to proceed. When our electricians were notified, it was already Saturday evening, with power irreversibly off for the night.

We will work with MG&E to make sure that in the future they contact our on-call electrician to discuss impacts in events like these."

Due to the overwhelming safety concerns, I will continue to work with staff, MG&E and alders to make sure these types of events do not happen again. 

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