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Mustachioed Resnick bares resemblance to 1960's Soglin

April 1, 2012 10:05 AM

In a move to create better relations between the City Council and the Mayor's Office, Alder Scott Resnick decided to grow a "chevron mustache" in homage for current Mayor and former District 8 Alder Paul Soglin. Mayor Soglin's mustache has been a trademark look throughout his various campaigns, and a trendy fad popularized by other US mayor's like San Francisco's Edwin Lee.

"In my first term on the city council, I have witnessed times where communication channels between both bodies of government could improve. A little bit of facial hair can go a long way," Resnick said in a press release earlier today. He also cited the economic benefits of facial hair, including Madison's reinvigorated attempt to lure the American Mustache Institute's Million Mustache March to the area this fall.

Alder Mark Clear was less skeptical. "I understand that the Council and Mayor's Office have clashed over the last year on significant issues, however, I find this move bizarre."

Skepticism was met by outrage by area media outlets on campus. The Badger Herald Editorial Board printed a retraction of Alder Resnick's semester grade, dropping his rating to a C-. Editorial Board member Taylor Nye was quoted, "style points count. Obviously our District 8 leader lacks the fashion sense to represent students on campus."

Resnick similarly found no love from the Daily Cardinal. In a txt message response regarding the new facial expression, City Editor Abby Becker stated: "ewwww...." She later expressed discontent that she was not redistricted out of the 8th district via Twitter.

In response to the outcry, close friend Sam Polstein issued a statement on Resnick's behalf promising the facial hair will be removed on April 2nd. Resnick clearly recognizes that Madison is large enough for only one elected mustache.

Resnick on Mendota Court, cira April 1st, 2012


Paul Soglin at the Mifflin Street Block Party, May 5th, 1969

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