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Demolition for Parking?

April 4, 2012 10:00 PM

The City has received a request from the University to demolition two old apartment buildings on 925 and 931 W Johnson Street, and use the land to extend an existing parking lot on Clymer Place. After reviewing the project, I am offering my support to the University.

Usually, the city does not approve demolition permits for vacant fields or parking lots. In terms of city planning, vacant parcels create a void in a neighborhood streetscape and often decrease the values of adjacent properties. However, I believe the University makes a strong case for demolition.

I toured the exterior of both buildings on March 25th, 2012, and have reviewed pictures of the interior. Both buildings were built in 1909 and their age has become evident. I would put both in the bottom 20% of the housing market on campus, and 931 W Johnson Street is in one of the worst conditions I've seen of any apartment house on campus.

The University already has an existing 12-stall parking lot adjacent to these properties, so the proposed temporary parking lot would add an additional 20 stalls while creating greater awareness to Clymer Place. This temporary parking lot would not become a new use for the adjacent properties and improve the general appearance of the block. Moreover, the University has provided a plan for additional shrubbery, lighting, and run-off controls.

Future development is also scheduled within the 2005 Campus Master Plan. Since the University owns these properties and both buildings are at or beyond their lifespan, I do believe early approval of the demolition is appropriate.



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