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Alder Resnick Invites the Community for Discussion on Campus Safety

April 9, 2012 8:00 PM

On April 18th, I will be hosting a community dialogue on campus safety.

In the recent months we have had incidents in the Spring and Regent Street area involving muggings, burglaries and other crimes targeting students. Compared to this time last year, robberies in areas of campus have increased nearly 50%. During a meeting today with Captain Balles, Captain Gloede and Alder Ellingson, I also learned that over the last week we had an apartment targeted twice within a five day period.

As a campus and greater downtown community, we need to start shifting the conversation to proactively address these safety concerns. This will be a conversation to outline these problems and start identifying solutions.

I will be holding a discussion among students and property owners alongside other alders, representatives from the Central District, South District, UW Police Department, the University, property owners, and the Associated Students of Madison.

The various police departments will be discussing methods for campus safety that have been implemented, and the community members will be asked for additional suggestions and feedback. These ideas could include: environmental changes, ordinance modifications, patrol areas of concern, and resident safety initiatives. Hopefully this conversation will generate short and long term solutions to curb future incidents.

The meeting will be held on April 18th at Union South, 7:30 pm, TITU. For more information, feel free to email me directly at


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