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Mifflin 2012

May 4, 2012 11:51 AM

Tomorrow will be the most publicized Mifflin Street Block Party in recent years. While the message "Don't Go" trended across Twitterverse, tomorrow's Mifflin Street Block Party will start a new (though repeated) chapter in the event's tremulous history.

Here are some final thoughts with less than 24 hours to go:

  • After hearing the questions posed at Wednesday's neighborhood meeting, I concretely believe the problems with the party are not the fault of University of Wisconsin students or Mifflin residents who will be on the wrong side of many of Saturday's citations. A majority of UW-Madison students want to follow the general laws of the city and celebrate one last time before leaving for the summer.
  • For the officers on duty, enter the event with the mantra: "anticipate the best, prepare for the worst." I firmly believe the police will set the overall mood of the event. Although the last several months various ranks of the police department have prepared only for the worst, hopefully officers recognize "acting reasonable" applies to more than just students.
  • Expect the arrest and event costs reported on Monday to be high. This will be a reflection of new policing practices, and may not necessarily reflect the nature of this year's event.
  • To quote a downtown police lieutenant: victims do not receive tickets. If you or someone you know have been victimized at the event, report it. The officers at the event are there for protection, and regularly use their discretion to protect those who are only trying to help.
  • Moreover, be proactive in curbing the unacceptable number of sexual assaults. If you see something, do not hesitate for a moment to contact an officer.
  • Regardless of the outcome, members of the neighborhood, ASM, members of the police staff, the mayor's office, and Alder Verveer have spend countless hours preparing for the party. The general campus should be thankful to all those who worked towards curbing the violent behavior and reshaping the vision of the block party.
  • Lastly, events like Halloween, Badger Gameday, and the Mifflin Street Block Party are special. Other communities around the state and country often strive for festivals like these. While in recent years our success with the Block Party has been low, I do believe the cornerstone event can still survive. So above anything else, members of the community should continue to look for ways to reshape it so that we can restore the event so that other cities want to continue to emulate.


Be reasonable, and whether you go or not, enjoy your weekend! 

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