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Summer Policy Update

June 24, 2012 1:16 PM

Here is brief status update on some legislation I have been working on over the summer:

Restructuring the Housing Committee

Amending Section 32.03 of the Madison General Ordinances to separate the functions of the Housing Committee into two committees: the Housing Strategy Committee and the Landlord and Tenant Issues Committee

Creating Section 33.34 of the Madison General Ordinances to create a committee which will focus on housing strategy in the City of Madison.

Both ordinances passed the Common Council and the Mayor's Office is now working on recommendations for membership. 

Lock Ordinance

Amending Sections 27.05(2)(h)7. and 27.05(2)(h)10. of the Madison General Ordinances to require a yearly change of door lock passcodes.

The recommendation at the Building Code, Fire Code, Conveyance Code and Licensing Appeals Board was to approve the ordinance and extend the protection to key entry. 

Open Data

Creating Section 3.72 of the Madison General Ordinances to create an open data ordinance to allow greater public access to data regularly prepared by City of Madison agencies.

The ordinance passed the Economic Development Committee unanimously and will be in front of the Common Council Organizational Committee on July 3rd


In the near future I will also be sponsoring legislation to increase funding for the Downtown Safety Initiative, and possibly a new ordinance to improve voter registration. 


To see a complete list of legislation that I have either sponsored or co-sponsored, click here

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