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Major Detours for Routes 81 & 82

July 10, 2012 8:52 AM

Due to construction at Memorial Union, Langdon Street will be limited to one-way for an extended peroid of time during the next school year. Since the street is currently two-ways, a major detour will be required that will impact the daily commutes on Route 81 & Route 82 buses. Since bus routes must maintain particular headways, driver shifts, and route times, no solution is ideal. Langdon, Park and Lake Streets have some of the slowest average speeds in the City and often congested. Below is an anaylisis by Metro on the Routes and proposed detours.

Route 81

Route 81 is significantly affected as we'll not be able to traverse Observatory Hill in both directions.  This fact forces buses from Charter and Linden streets down to Johnson Street and east to Lake Street in order to line up westbound on Langdon.  This more than doubles the current distance operated between Charter Street and the Memorial Union, while at the same time adding several undesirable left turns (Charter onto Johnson, Johnson onto Lake and Lake onto Langdon). 

The proposed routing allows buses to load/unload at the Memorial Union before continuing eastbound to the Johnson/Gorham corridor.  Cumulatively, the proposed routing forces us to truncate the east end of the route at Franklin Street, 3.5 blocks west of Paterson Street, the route's current east terminus.  This saves about 1 mile while presenting good turning movements onto and off of Franklin Street.  Use of Franklin Street is actually further east than we wanted the bus to travel as doing so does increase the route's average speed, but the alternative cross-over streets (Wisconsin, Pinckney, Blair) presented other problems.  From a scheduling standpoint, Wisconsin Avenue was the preferred option, so interlining Routes 81 and 82 (which will have a softer schedule) may be an eventual option.

If we pushed the route east to Paterson Street, we'd have to either not serve the Memorial Union (after serving the central campus), or add about 5 minutes to the headway.  Given the short walk-out distances to bus stops on Johnson and Gorham streets, we are of the opinion that this presented the most reasonable option for the majority of UW passengers. 

Route 82

Route 82 presented the same basic issues, but we are opting to propose to only serve the Memorial Union once per cycle, rather than twice as we're proposing with Route 81.  With Route 82, serving the union twice per cycle is nearly impossible short of using a 40-minute headway or significantly reducing the route's length. 

In this proposal, we intend to reverse the direction of the Breese/Regent loop, and then roll it directly into the Bassett/Broom loop before returning to the Memorial Union.  Theoretically, this route does force everyone to ride through a 30-minute loop, but Route 80 also presents alternative rides for some passengers while maintaining the service area. 



As with most campus detours, the solutions are never simple or attractive.  While there are perhaps a number of alternatives, we felt it was important to creatively redesign the service so drivers can maintain their schedule without putting them under unreasonable stress (these routes do present 8 hour shifts without significant break time), while at the same time trying to deliver a logical, viable service to UW customers.

Again, these solutions are not ideal but we must consider what routes will look like with Langdon Street only having westbound traffic. If anyone has additional suggestions, feel free to contact me directly at or 608-807-7962.


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