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Street Construction 2013

September 20, 2012 9:24 AM

Although the 2012 street construction season is coming to a close, the City of Madison is already planning for the 2013 summer construction schedule.

Recapping 2012

This summer two major projects were completed. The first project was on North Frances Street, where the street was reconstructed, pedestrian lights added, and fire hydrant moved (adding another parking spot). A significant change was made to the end of the block. Previous this space was frequently used by transients and heroin addicts, creating a major safety concern for the Police Department. The City added green space and created a path to the lake. Although we continue to struggle with vandalism to the signs and fencing, the environment and introduction of new lights has drastically improved the State-Langdon neighborhood.

The second major project was completed on Spring Street and Orchard. The surface was replaced and over a dozen pedestrian lights added on four blocks in the Spring Street neighborhood.


Forecasting 2013

Next summer major construction projects are planned for North Charter Street between Regent and W Johnson. I will be advocating for pedestrian scale lighting in addition to other improvements such as sewer water management.
Another smaller project includes the reconstruction of Spring Street between Mills and Charter Street. This street is in better condition so I assume the duration of the project will be shorter.

Repaving is scheduled for N Brooks St between W Johnson St and University Avenue, Clymer Place and Bernard Court.



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