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New Voter Registration Count: 7,822

October 7, 2012 11:59 AM

Voter registration has been increasing from month to month in anticipation for the upcoming Presidential election. Due to the high turnout for the June Recall, many Madisonians are already registered at their current address. However, a majority of students on campus will still need to re-register.

The City of Madison Clerk's Office has been receiving a steady flow of new registrations forms, averaging over 1,100 per week. During the month of August, the Clerk received 2,340 new forms. In the month of September, that number increased to 5,482.

The Clerk's Office has also tracked the number of new registration forms generated by the recently passed landlord voter registration requirement. At first pass, the ordinance has generated some success at increasing the number of registrated voters.

There is still time to register or update your information before the October 17th deadline:

  1. Register to vote through the Madison Student Vote Coalition in the SAC or various locations throughout campus.
  2. Register in the City Clerk's Office, 210 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd #103.
  3. Update your registration through then print and sign the form completed on this website.  Take the completed form to your local Madison library branch by October 17, or mail it to the Clerk's Office by October 17.  Registrations submitted by mail should be accompanied by proof of residence if you have never voted in Wisconsin.

Everyone who registers to vote by October 17 will be included on the poll book November 6. To check the status of your voter registration, visit

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