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Reasonable Regulation

October 31, 2012 4:57 PM

Businesses do not function in a vacuum, particularly when it comes to government regulation. There are times were regulation is called for and absolutely necessary: our building codes protect the general public from unsafe construction practices, our restaurant licenses ensure clean kitchens, and our banking regulations protect us from risky financial decisions. Sometimes that line is in a grey area. Other times the regulation is so excessive it impedes on businesses from operating.

At 5 pm, the Vending Oversight Committee will be discussing a requirement for including a vegetarian item on all 48 food carts. The origins of this item was from a member of the public who is a vegetarian, and would like a vegetarian option at carts.

While I am open to discuss any new idea, I believe this one falls well outside the grey area and into the zone of excessive. Regulations like this turn folks away from Madison, plus stiffen market creativity. Do I think vendors should have vegetarian options  - yes, there are many vegetarians in Madison. Should the City use it's power to regulate small businesses like this - absolutely not.

Now, this item is only up for discussion at our committee. No alder has formally introduced an ordinance for vegetarian mandates, and I have not yet heard approval from any members of City staff. As a member of the Vending Oversight Committee I've received numerous emails on the subject today. The likely outcome is that this matter will be discussed among committee members tonight, and end there.

I'm a strong believer in government. Government is where people come together and we can be stronger as a community. We regulate because it stems from our community norms of what should be allowed, and what should be discouraged. And for decades, Madison has been a leader in using its regulatory scheme to create a vibrant, but fair economy. However, this regulation would go too far.


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