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Unacceptable Busing Solution

November 8, 2012 4:47 PM

Several weeks ago Mayor Soglin introduced a 25 cent bus increase for Madison Metro fares, including a 10 cent increase per ride to unlimited ride passes. This increase was created to cover service expansions of the Route 2 & 18, and add services to the Owl Creek neighborhood. For the past few weeks the Madison Common Council and other Commissions have been discussing the increase and exploring alternatives to eliminate these increases.

On Tuesday, I signed onto a packet that included a series of cuts to the capital and operating budget that will protect the fare rates. This packet will face a significant amount of discussion, particularly shifting dollars from direct appropriations to operating funds. Regardless, Route 80 funding is locked in for several years and no changes will be made to the City's current contract with UW Transportation Services and ASM.

However, I am in complete opposition to one suggestion made at the Transit and Parking Commission. The suggestion was to raise student rates from the current rate of $1.15 per ride to $1.40 to generate $687,500. This is a huge increase to students and would place significant hardship on Route 80 buses. Students should not be responsible to cover this entire burden.  This increase completely disregards how ASM, UW Transportation, and UW Housing finances the 80 Routes and its responsibility for sustainable campus transportation and safety.

Due to the cost of diesel, rates may have to increase in the future. All riders will be impacted. However, I vigorously oppose any recommendation where students unfairly cover the a majority of those costs.


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