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Proposed Mixed Use Development at 1419 Monroe Street

March 8, 2013 8:48 AM

It was recently announced that the owners Stadium Bar have decided to sell their bar to the Opus Group out of Milwaukee, and turn the property into a student high-rise. The proposed development will have a first floor dedicated to retail space, and five additional stories of residential apartments. The building will have 72 units containing 162 bedrooms. The project will have studios, 1-bedrooms, 2-bedrooms, and 4-bedrooms. 


This winter the developer alongside three alders held a neighborhood meeting to discuss the project. The developer was seeking input from the neighborhood on various elements of the project including massing, parking, commercial space, density, and Game Day traffic. 

The project proposal has already been submitted to the City and will be in front of the Plan Commission on April 8th, and could be back voted on by the Common Council by April 16th. 


The current site is zoned for CC-T (Commercial Corridor - Transitional District) and the developer is proposing to rezone it for TSS (Traditional Shopping Street District). While some zoning code changes are controversial, this one is far from it. 

Both types of zoning are similar but have a few differences: commercial businesses (such as a tattoo parlor or dry cleaners) are permitted uses CC-T but not TSS, both types permit restaurants, and both types allow for dense residential developments. One major difference is that TSS bans beer gardens. There are also rules on the green space for CC-T that do not apply to TSS.

When the City determined our new zoning code, most of Monroe Street was set to TSS. This parcel would have also been set to TSS, however, beer gardens are not a permitted use. Instead, CC-T was used. 

In my opinion, this change is not drastic. In fact, a building of similar density and greater height would also be permitted under the existing CC-T. 

Is the Stadium Bar historic?

No, not according to City of Madison landmark standards.

Neighborhood Plan

Drafting of the South Regent Street Neighborhood Plan started in 2007. Seventeen meetings brought together representatives from three neighborhood associations, the UW, and seven alders to craft a future vision of Regent Street and the neighboring student dwellings. The plan was eventually adopted by the Common Council in 2008.

For 1419 Monroe Street, the plan calls for community mixed-use with high density student housing. The height outlined is a maximum of 10 stories with LEED Silver Certification (or otherwise 8 stories).

The 100+ page plan contains many references to modern urbanism found in larger cities.   


No TIF or City assistance is being requested for the project. 

What Does the Proposed Building Look Like?


Is There Still Time For Input? 

There are still many issues to be resolved with the project: what will traffic flow look like during Game Day? What is the correct parking ratio for the building for the residents and allow commercial spaces to thrive? What is the proper density and room ratio? What kinds of amenities does the building contain? What does the exterior look like? Who will occupy the commercial space and will it be a bar? What are the future plans for the UW parking lot next door?

There is also a general concern with the impact of another student high rise. Can students afford to pay higher market rates for new apartments, or will we eventually reach a housing plateau? What impact do these high rises have on the rest of campus and the City? I have many thoughts on this issue that I'll attempt to answer in future blog post. 

There are many heated opinions throughout the country regarding this project. Neighbors have concerns with the additional density. Many alumni have memories of the Stadium Bar and Jingles (and I remember watching the Packers beat the Bears to qualify for the Superbowl two years ago). New developments can be tricky. 

Students are welcome to email me their thoughts and attend the Plan Commission meeting in April. 


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